Suited and booted


As featured in the February issue of Equestrian Business, we look at a selection of quality horse boots to help you decide what to stock.

Abbey England: The Equus Overreach Boot
Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, White, Havana, Gum, Hunting Pink, Red (Orange) | RRP: £10.95

Equus Overreach Boots are quick and easy to fit, won’t rub and can simply be rinsed clean after use. Even in cold winter weather the boots remain flexible and they always provide outstanding protection. The high rubber content allows the ‘pull on’ Overreach Boots to stretch easily over the horse’s hoof for quick and easy use. The boots are also available with velcro fastenings if preferred.

 Abbey England | +44 (0)1565 650343 |

B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd

Elico Memory Foam Tendon Boots
Sizes: M, L | Colours: Black | RRP: £32.00

The Elico Memory Foam Tendon Boots are a well-shaped tendon boot that fit comfortably on a horse leg. Shaped at the top and bottom of the outer shell to give greater flexibility of movement, the design features a toughened outer shell with a memory foam lining to provide the maximum protection at areas which are at risk of bruising and injury. Finished with two, strong Velcro straps with double fastening, and double elasticated for a secure fitting. 

Elico Memory Foam Fetlock Boots
Sizes: M, L | Colours: Black | RRP: £26.00

A well-shaped boot, the Elico Memory Foam Fetlock Boots fit comfortably on a horse leg, giving protection to the fetlock joint. The boot is shaped at the top and bottom of the outer shell to give greater flexibility of movement. The toughened outer shell has a memory foam lining to provide the maximum protection at areas that are at risk of bruising and injury. A strong Velcro strap with double fastening gives a secure fit.

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Bucas: 2000 Boots
Sizes: Cob, Full | Colours: Navy and Black | RRP: £89

These Bucas travel boots are made of tough outer fabric and a stay-dry inner lining, which means that they will wick away moisture from wet legs. They are cushion padded and fully contour to the horse’s legs for maximum comfort and security. There are four straps on the front boot and five on the rear boot, with an additional elastic top strap on the hind boot for a secure fit.

Zebra Products Ltd | +44 (0)1352 763350 |

CoolAid: CoolAid Equine Icing and Cooling Wraps
Sizes: L, XL | Colours: Black, Crockery, Navy and Pink | RRP: $94.99 (L), $107.99 (XL)

CoolAid Equine Icing and Cooling Wraps are an excellent way to cool muscles, ligaments and tendons after exercise, competition or injury. Wet polo wraps can be placed folded in the freezer for approximately a little over an hour for icing or placed in ice and water if freezer if not available. The wraps allow for compression and the animal does not have to be restrained while wearing them.

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Equilibrium Products
Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Colours: Navy | RRP: £29.95

These soft but durable Stable Chaps completely encase the lower leg to help protect from scuffs and grazes, extending over the coronet
band and bulbs of the heel to help protect these vulnerable areas. Lined with superb wicking material, they are ideal for wet, cold legs after exercise or turnout. Helping to keep joints warm these chaps can help to reduce legs filling and relieve the symptoms of arthritis in afflicted horses.

Stretch & Flex Training Wraps
Sizes: S, M, MN, L, XL | Colours: Black, White | RRP: £49.95

Pliable and flexible, Stretch & Flex Training Wraps allow the horse to move freely, without any feeling of restriction, while still benefiting from effective support. Made from breathable Stomatex, the wraps help to keep the horse’s skin temperature at a comfortable level. Stretch & Flex Wraps fit snugly around the contours of the horse’s leg providing gentle support and protection. They have all the benefits of exercise bandages but with the convenience and ease of fitting of boots. 

Tri-Zone All Sports Boot
Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colours: Black, White (M and L only) | RRP: £39.95

Designed to be the perfect ‘all rounder’ the Tri-Zone All Sports boot is suitable for a wide range of disciplines from endurance and racing to dressage, jumping and hacking. The Tri-Zone All Sports boot combines great protection with breathability, flexibility and lightness. All these factors have been assessed in a laboratory and the boot then tested by leading riders for comfort and ease of use, to result in a truly effective boot.

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Hoof Wraps Brand
Hoof Wraps Bandage
Sizes: One size | Colours: Black | RRP: £19.95

This rugged nylon bandage was designed to allow horses to be turned out to pasture during hoof treatment. Makes treating hoof problems like abscesses and stone bruises easier, or can provide temporary protection after shoe loss. The wrap-around design provides a custom fit that is double reinforced under foot. Tough hook-and-loop closures keep the wrap on, yet allow it to be removed, cleaned and reapplied.

 +1 800-786-6633 |

Ice Horse: Big Black Boot

Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black | RRP: £119.95

The unique tri-fold design wraps the horse’s foot in ice from the coronary band to the toe, providing cold compression therapy for the treatment of Laminitis and relief for stressed hooves or sore feet with no watery mess. Ice packs Velcro directly onto the boot, so no more fiddling around with pockets. The silicone rubber sole provides comfort, traction and support, while elasticized straps keep the boot properly configured around the horse’s foot.

+1 800-786-6623 |

John Whitaker International Limited: LP023 Professional Elite Tendon and Fetlock Set
Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full | Colours: Black, Brown or White | RRP: £65.00

The LP023 Tendon and Fetlock Set is designed with shock absorbing impact protection against the flexor tendons and ligaments, ideal for jumping. This professional tendon and fetlock boot set is designed with a thick neoprene lining and tough PU shell for excellent shock absorption and protection. Thick elastic straps are fastened by strong brass keyholes for a classic and elegant look that can be easily adjusted.

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Professional’s Choice
Theramic Combo Wraps
Sizes: M, L | Colours: Charcoal | RRP: $79.95      

Professional’s Choice has developed Theramic yarn, the latest in ceramic therapy and incorporated the technology into the Theramic Combo Wraps. The custom engineered Theramic yarn contains reflective ceramic fibers, which reflect natural body heat in the form of
long wave infrared heat radiation – known to increase blood circulation, reduce infammation, and ease pain. The products are specifically designed for use prior to and following workouts to aid in maximum injury prevention and recovery.

VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boots
Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Feather/Black, Feather/Turquoise | RRP: $174.95

Now with VenTECH technology, the Elite Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and UltraShock lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to the horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping the horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best. The boot provides 360 degrees of protection, safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue, and is proven to absorb over 26% of energy from hoof impact.

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Treehouse Sporting Colours
Aerochill Cooling Boots
Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Feather/Black, Feather/Turquoise | RRP: £41.95

Aerochill evaporative cooling products use a non-toxic, super-absorbent polymer fibre, this evaporative cooling technology is used all over the world by elite clients including Formula One drivers, athletes and Military Special Forces to keep them cool. Evaporative Cooling helps increase recovery time, cools body tissue and regulates outer thermal temperature. Aerochill Cooling Boots are also quilted which ensures that evaporation and therefore cooling occurs over a longer period of time.

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