Numnahs, saddle pads and covers


As featured in the June issue of Equestrian Business, we look at a selection of tack accessories.

Back on Track

Saddle Pad
Sizes: One Size Colours: Black, White and Limited Edition: Grey, Red, Brown RRP: £64.00

The Back on Track Saddle Pad brings all the benefits of the “Back on Track effect” to the horse during exercise, as well as being beautifully made and hard wearing. The exterior of the pad is made from cotton and it is lined with the Welltex fabric to provide the optimum benefit. Both the dressage and jumping styles are available in black, white or with piping around the edge. All Saddle Pads are fully machine washable.

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Bartl Sheepskin

Professional Sheepskin Saddlepad
Sizes: S, M,L Colours: White, Blue, Navy, Orange, Black, Burgundy, Green, Pink RRP: £59

Hand made in Germany, the Bartl Professional Sheepskin Saddlepad is anatomically shaped and made from pure medically tanned sheepskin. Medically tanned sheepskin promotes blood flow and sustains health, while the complete shearling collar completes this product with a visually elegant and eye-catcher trim. It protects against pressure and is shock absorbing, and the Velcro is adjustable to provide the perfect fit. It is machine washable 30 degrees in pure soap, and can be tumble dried with cold air.

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B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd

Elico Memory Foam Dressage Girth
Sizes: 22” to 30” Colours: Black and Brown RRP £31.25

This memory foam girth is manufactured with a strong nylon knit facing fabric and stainless steel roller buckles. It gives a complete freedom of movement without binding and should stay in place as they are designed to conform and fitcorrectly. It features a memory foam inner, allowing the girth to follow the contours of the horse’s body and ensure the horse’s comfort during training and competition. Elasticated at both ends with stainless steel roller buckles.

Elico Memory Foam Girth
Sizes: 38” to 54” Colours: Black and Brown RRP: £34.95

This memory foam girth is manufactured with a strong nylon knit facing fabric and stainless steel buckles. It gives a complete freedom of movement and doesn’t bind as it is designed to conform and fit correctly. Featuring a memory foam inner, it enables the girth to follow the contours of the horse, providing comfort when ridden. Elasticated at both ends, the design has self-locating, spring-loaded, stainless steel roller buckles on one end for ease-of-use.

Elico Waffle Girth
Sizes: 32” to 56” Colours: Black and Brown RRP: £30.95 

This girth is made from a high quality, soft waffle material that encourages airflow as it is breathable. The airflow surface is sponge or machine washable and is anatomically shaped to cut back behind the elbows to allow more freedom of movement without chafing or rubbing, and is easy to wipe clean after use. Both ends are elasticated and the split ends give the right girthing position to allow for rib cage expansion.

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Total Comfort System All Purpose English Saddle Pad
Colours: White

This saddle pad is designed with Cavallo’s signature combination of four technically-advanced lightweight materials to create a system that absorbs shock and eases saddle fit discrepancies. The design includes patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam, which has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound. Open-Cell Memory Foam enhances saddle fit by releasing as the rider shifts weight to vary pressure and gently massage the muscles to promote blood circulation and eliminate constant points of pressure.

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Fieldhouse Riding Equipment Ltd

GFS Reinforced Stirrup Leather
Sizes: 48”, 54” Colours: Black, Havana RRP: Adults (54”) £44.00 RRP: Junior (48”) £39.00

The GFS Reinforced Stirrup Leathers have a special nylon lining for extra strength and minimal stretch. They are attractively designed with a stainless steel curved buckle for reduced bulk under the leg and maximum comfort. The GFS Reinforced Stirrup Leathers are 1″ wide and come in two lengths. The range of GFS leatherwork is made from good quality imported leather that provides an everyday, hard working product that is both tough and durable, whilst retaining a touch of class.

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First Thought Equine

Korrector Saddlepad
Sizes: Medium, Large (for English and Western) Colours: Black, Brown (Black only for Western) RRP: £240

Korrector is a revolutionary saddle pad which uses air and foam technology to give full day to day control of the fit of the saddle on one or more horses. Once adjusted Korrector does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape or if used with another saddle or on a different horse – adjustments take a couple of minutes and are done with the rider mounted. It has a unique Gullet Locking Plate (GLP), which prevents the saddle pad from being pulled taut across the horse’s spine.

Wow Soft H Girth
Sizes: 24” to 32” Colours: Black, Brown RRP: £185       

The H girth spreads pressure via the sternum plate and is good for sensitive horses. It is useful to stabilise saddles or where the saddle fit requires widely spaced girth billets to stay vertical. The straps slide through the sternum plate, so it is possible to buy a girth with different strap lengths to ensure the buckles sit where most comfortable. There are two versions of the sternum plate, a plain one, and one with a strap and D-ring.

Wow Soft Straight Girth
Sizes: 22” to 34” Colours: Black, Brown RRP: £135

Wow Saddles’ Soft Straight Girths are made using the softest premium leather which is very strong, but flexible. The girths are designed to minimise the risk of rubbing as they move with the skin. The Soft Straight is designed for horses that have forward girth grooves; it rolls around the elbow, protecting it rather than sitting in to the girth groove with a hard edge. The saddles girth straps disappear inside the leather sleeve for a clean and tidy appearance

Wow Supercool Saddlecloth
Sizes: Medium, Large (Dressage or Jump/GP) Colours: Black, White, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Dark Red   RRP £75

WOW Supercool Saddlecloths are made from a 3D spacer fabric, which keeps a layer of air between the saddle and horse. The space the fabric provides allows sweat to wick away and evaporate, keeping the horse dry. The fabric is easily cleaned under a hose for most of the time, with only the occasional need to wash in a machine. The material also has antibacterial properties. Wow Supercool saddlecloths can be supplied branded with the Wow logo, or unbranded.

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Fleece-Lined Saddle Cover
Sizes: One size Colours: Black RRP: £20.99

This fleece-lined saddle cover protects saddles from dust while being stored at home or when travelling to shows. Designed by Horze, this cover is made from cotton, with a polyester lining, and features an elastic trim that helps to keep it in place, ensuring the saddle isn’t scuffed or scratched. The design is finished with an embroidered Z logo, providing a sleek look for any saddle.

Seat Saver
Sizes: One size Colours: Black RRP: £40.99

The Horze Seat Saver is a soft gel seat cover, with a PU cover. Offering the ultimate comfort in the saddle, the seat saver is cleverly fastened with Velcro straps and follows the shape of the saddle. With shock absorbing properties, the gel works to provide a comfortable ride in all saddles.

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HRP Equestrian

WING Saddle Pad
Sizes: Full, Cob, Pony Colours: White, Black, Navy RRP: from £84

Scientifically proven, the HRP WING Saddle Pad exerts no pressure on the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes and significantly less mean pressure in all gaits when compared to conventional saddle pads. Conventional Saddle Pads produce some pressure, causing rubbing and sores on the horses back. Now the WING Saddle Pad has eliminated these problems through its innovative design, with a design for each equestrian discipline. It can also be used with a half pad.

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Ollard Westcombe Ltd

AA001 Apollo air Professional Exercise Pad
Sizes: S, M, L  Colours: Black, White RRP:    £59.95   

Used and endorsed by Champion trainer Jessica Harrington, and endorsed by leading Irish back specialist Ted McLaughlin, the Professional Exercise pad is a deep square popular for general exercise under a GP saddle but also for use in cross country and racing. Back specialists favour its spineless construction as it allows the free movement of the horse’s spine. Great for horses with sensitive backs, high withers or horses prone to sweat up.

C022/S Cameo Leather Stud Girth
Sizes: 38” – 56” (2” increments)  Colours: Black, Brown RRP: £64.95

This Cameo Leather Stud Girth from Ollard Westcombe Ltd offers complete protection for the horse in an elegant design. The quality design has three D-ring attachments, providing ease of use for all those needing to use martingales, draw reins or any other training aids. Both girth ends feature elastic and robust metal buckles, providing balance and comfort.

C063 Cameo Ride on Saddle cover
Sizes: One Size Colours: Navy RRP: £9.95 

This waterproof saddlecover protects saddles from the damage encountered with bad weather. Easy to fit onto the saddle, it provides protection from rain as well as other damp weather conditions that may cause the leather to dry out or crack. Created by Ollard Westcombe Ltd in Northern Ireland, this saddle cover is simple to use when riding thanks to clever stirrup slots.

Eco 004 EcoRider Freedom Girth
Sizes: 44” – 58” 2” increments Colours: Black, Brown RRP: £99.95

This beautiful soft girth is made using the finest eco friendly leather that is tanned for 30 days in oak chestnut and hemlock creating a strong yet soft leather that is hypoallergenic. The ergonomic shape of this girth is designed to help prevent the saddle from sliding backwards or being pulled down onto the withers. Designed for use with any saddle that has short girth straps, this girth is shaped and softly padded giving maximum comfort.

AA014/M Professional Half Pad Multi-riser
Sizes: S, M, L Colours: Black, Brown, White RRP: £69.00      

The Apollo air multi-riser has 18 adjustable air inserts allowing the front, middle and rear section to be raised or lowered to three different thicknesses. This allows great versatility with small alterations creating the perfect fit every time. The inserts are made of Apollo air mesh and alleviate pressure points and keep the horse cool when being exercised. A useful tool for the changing shape of a young horse, horses with muscle wastage, high withered horses, sunken backs etc.

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­Schockemöhle Sports

Air Cool Pad

Sizes: Full Colours: Navy/Silver, Grey Melange/Silver, Brown/Silver, Black/Silver, White/Silver RRP: £75.00

Air Cool Pad from ­Schockemöhle Sports is made from a soft and durable outer material in melange look. With a quick dry insert and a “3D mesh” back channel, the AIR COOL PAD provides the best breathability and venting opportunity for the horses back. The thick filling helps to spread pressure and ensures optimal shock absorption. Thanks to an extra wide border and decorative cords, this pad is not only functional but also very elegant.

Sizes:  46” – 56” Colours: Black/Silver, Espresso/Silver RRP: £149.00     

The Pallas girth created by Schockemöhle Sports is an anatomical shaped long girth. It is softly padded with leather to provide the horse with maximum comfort when worn. The cut out areas ensure free movement of the horse’s elbows and the wide center plate guarantees perfect distribution of pressure on chest. PALLAS is equipped with elastics on both sides for easy handling and great comfort, as well as a D-ring, secured by a Velcro strap, for attaching training aids.

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Shaws Equestrian
Eskadron Cotton Saddlecloth
Sizes: Pony, Full Colours: White, Cream, Navy, Black, Green, Grey, Bright Red, Dark Red, Choco RRP: £23.95

With a very accessible price, the Cotton Saddlecloth from Eskadron is the “go-to” no-nonsense saddlecloth for the professional and amateur rider alike. Perfect for competition or training, Eskadron’s non-bulky Cotton Saddlecloth is skin-friendly, robust and machine washable. This saddlecloth is ideal for embroidery and can be designed with gold or silver piping. The GP/Jumping and Dressage options are available in pony and full size, whereas the cut-away jumping style is only available in full.

Freejump SoftUp Lite Stirrup
Sizes: One (normally suitable for maximum footwear size of EU39)    
Colours: Silver, Black, Choco, Blue, Red, Pink RRP: £175.00

Freejump’s stirrups have a revolutionary open single branch, which is flexible to release the foot in the event of a fall. The tread is studded for an excellent grip and the eye is angled so the stirrup hangs at the optimum angle and encourages the correct foot and leg position. Now available in Silver, the Soft-Up Lite comes with a black “pin”, but a variety of coloured pins are available, including national flag pins, to riders customise the stirrup.

+44 (0)1335 370737


Prolux Dressage Saddle Pad
Sizes: Full Colours: Black/Silver, Charcoal/White, Navy/Silver & White/White RRP: £34.99

Created from a soft and durable suede polycotton outer, the WeatherBeeta Prolux Dressage Saddle Pad features a wick away lining to help keep horses cool, dry and comfortable. The breathable mesh spine provides extra airflow, while the PVC covered girth patch ensures the saddle pad remains durable, even in heavy use. As it is machine washable, this saddle pad is effective to use, but also maintain.

Performance Jump Saddle Pad
Sizes: Full Colours: Frost Grey/Black/White, Indigo/Blue/Silver, White/Silver/Silver RRP: £29.99

Fashioned with a soft and durable suede outer, this saddle pad features a wick-away lining, helping to keep horses cool, dry and comfortable, especially in the warmer months. The design incorporates a breathable mesh spine, which offers great airflow to the back, and the saddle pad is machine washable – ensuring it is easy to maintain. The PVC covered girth patch provides added duration and longevity.

+44 (0)1295 226905

Westgate EFI

Jumpers Horse Line Air Mesh Anti-Gall Girth
Sizes: 42” to 54” Colours: Black RRP: £37.99          

Part manufactured in an air mesh material, the Air Mesh Anti-Gall Girth from Jumpers Horse Line has sweat reducing and anti-rub properties, providing optimum comfort and fit for the horse. Featuring triple-layered elasticated straps at both ends, the girth can be balanced on either side of the horse. The design also features a forward facing D ring, to enable use of a martingale or other training aid.

Mark Todd Collection Ergo Competition Saddlepads
Sizes: Full Colours: Black, Grey, White, Navy RRP: GP – £29.99, Jump – £26.99

Offering superior levels of comfort and protection, the Mark Todd Ergo Competition Saddlepads are ergonomically designed and are manufactured in a soft mesh, which allows the skin to breath. Featured in the design are strap attachments, which allow the user to fix the pad to the saddle’s D-rings to prevent it slipping. Available in GP or Jump designs, with the option of black, grey, white or navy, all with cord trim.

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