Charities to benefit from £100m windfall


SEIB Insurance Brokers will grant £50,000 to a charity early next year and is asking its clients to choose where the money should go. They have until 31 December 2017 to make their decision.

SEIB Chief Executive Officer Barry Fehler explained, “We don’t want to dictate to our clients which charity they should support; we want to find out about the good causes they actually believe in.”

SEIB is an independent broker but is ultimately owned by a charity called the Allchurches Trust Limited and profits are used for good causes. The aim of SEIB’s immediate owner, the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc, is to give £100million for good causes through the Allchurches Trust by 2020.

The results from the 2017 poll of clients will be analysed to create a shortlist of charities with the most votes and fit the criteria of the award. The £50,000 will be donated to a small-to-medium size charity where it will truly make a difference.

The shortlisted charities will be contacted by SEIB so that they can describe their plans for the £50,000, should they be fortunate enough to be chosen for the award. Once the responses have been analysed and it is confirmed that the charities meet the remit, SEIB clients will be asked to vote again for the final winner.

“SEIB is a national company that has insured numerous charities for a long time and we want our giving to reflect that,” said Mr Fehler. “This is an incredible opportunity for a good cause to have an amazing 2018 and we want our clients to share with us in the choice. The aim is to give the money to a charity that will use the sum for the major part of capital investment on just one project.

“SEIB really wants to make a difference — for example, £50,000 could fund a new sensory room at a children’s hospice, a kennel or stable block for an animal charity or for a homeless charity to purchase more facilities. The choices are endless and we want to hear from our clients on what, in their opinion, is the most worthy cause.”

The chosen charity will be invited to come and accept its grant at an awards ceremony early in 2018 and there will be a draw for tickets to attend the event among those that voted for the winner.

Mr Fehler hopes that this is just the beginning. SEIB is looking to increase the amount to £100,000 through 2018 and charities will once again have the opportunity to be a favoured cause.

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