Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Time for a spring clean?

In East Anglia, on the day the clocks went forwards, we awoke to a glorious Sunday, it truly seemed that winter’s veil had finally...

Emergency, Emergency, Emergency

Disaster struck the PressPoint office this month when a mysterious force took down a nearby overhead power cable. As storm Doris swept through the UK,...

Finding your voice

In business, the companies that shout the most, get noticed. They always seem to have something to say about their own products, sharing testimonials...

A View From PressPoint – 2017 Predictions Anyone?

Who raised a glass to Auld Lang Syne to welcome in 2016, and foresaw the seismic events that would come to pass during the...

A view from PressPoint – Victoria Pendleton switching saddles

World and Olympic Champion track cyclist Victoria Pendleton has been making waves in the equestrian world with her racing challenges, and while they have...

A View from PressPoint – The Horse With The Brand

As Britain’s number one equine celebrity, the retirement of Valegro sparks an interesting question – what next? The one, the only, Valegro. Unbeaten since the...

A View from PressPoint – The Legacy Continues?

  Our riders have come back champions! While our equestrian medal haul wasn’t quite as large as London, our little island still broke records and...

A View from PressPoint – Rethinking Rule 40

The Olympics is one of the most effective international marketing platforms in the world, reaching billions of people, but away from the limelight Olympic...

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Arioneo to provide prizes at memorial event

Arioneo is to provide prizes at the inaugural Hannah Francis One Day Event. The Hannah Francis One Day Event will get under way on July...