Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Feel festive in-store

Christmas is generally good for retailers – and what is good for retailers has to be good for manufactures and suppliers too. Before every Christmas...

New regulations for 2018

2018 brings with it new restrictions on the use of rodenticides. Nic Blaszkowicz, UK and Ireland Business Manager of PelGar International, investigates the concerns...

A cut above

With the cooler months in sight, horses will begin growing their winter coats and your customers will want all the latest advice on clippers,...

First class comfort

Just as advances have been made with equine nutrition, the field of equine management has also undergone massive transformations - particularly with bedding. Once content...

Free-from Feeding

It’s a fascinating fact that ‘problems’ associated with human health are often identified in horses and other domestic animals. Sometimes the situation is reversed...

Testing before treatment

Worms are one of the things that most worry horse owners. First-time owners in particular often seek help, advice and reassurance from their best...

New research confirms that diet can help manage EGUS

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) can affect any horse. It can cause discomfort and may have a detrimental effect on behaviour and performance but...

Equine Nutrition: Feeding the leisure horse

Leisure horse owners are the biggest sector of the market and despite their horses infrequently needing large quantities of feed, they do still need...

Equine Skin Trauma – Boosting the Barrier

As the horse’s first layer of defence and an indicator of internal health, skin issues can both worry and warn horse owners. Lumps, bumps...

Hooves – From the inside out

Good nutrition – it is the foundation for absolutely everything when it comes to horses. Want a shiny coat? Put down the brush and...

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Absorbine Leather Therapy

Perfect for Christmas, Absorbine Leather Therapy is an integrated system providing complete care of tack, leather and equestrian textiles. The range includes Tack Wash,...

Thumbs on Top Gloves

Through experience of teaching children to ride and working with riding schools, Tuffa has designed a glove to assist children to improve their hand...