Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Engage the brain to beat boredom

Kept in natural conditions where they can wander, graze, browse and socialise, it is unlikely that many horses suffer from boredom. Owners might cite...

Dealing with emergencies

First aid for horses is quite a tricky subject – it can cover a minor injury or involve something life-threatening. One of the most important...

Prevention: the golden rule

Yard work is similar to housework in the sense that it is never ‘finished’. Whether a home-kept horse or pony, a small livery yard,...

Banish the woes of winter weather

Cold, wet, muddy - isn’t winter a delightful season for the equestrian! While we may be in luck this year in terms of snowfall,...

Breathe easy

Like any ‘system’, the respiratory system is simple whilst it works efficiently but serious problems occur when it is compromised. Respiratory problems in horses...

New regulations for 2018

2018 brings with it new restrictions on the use of rodenticides. Nic Blaszkowicz, UK and Ireland Business Manager of PelGar International, investigates the concerns...

A cut above

With the cooler months in sight, horses will begin growing their winter coats and your customers will want all the latest advice on clippers,...

First class comfort

Just as advances have been made with equine nutrition, the field of equine management has also undergone massive transformations - particularly with bedding. Once content...

Testing before treatment

Worms are one of the things that most worry horse owners. First-time owners in particular often seek help, advice and reassurance from their best...

Hooves – From the inside out

Good nutrition – it is the foundation for absolutely everything when it comes to horses. Want a shiny coat? Put down the brush and...

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