Friday, May 25, 2018
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Breeding: Champions of tomorrow

Breeding quality horses demands a great deal of time and commitment - and not just from the owner. As the first port of call...

Paddock maintenance: protecting an investment

Demand for land is massive – and growing. Land is finite in quantity – in fact, according to the Environment Agency, we shall lose...

Diversification: embracing the pet market

The pet market is big – and it’s growing! However there are indications it might slow down. Analysts are suggesting that the smallness of...

Keeping customers on course for success

Sometimes the correlations between looking after horses and taking care of ourselves are overlooked. Recognising the similarities is helpful, but when the condition is...

Spring grazing and worm control

As the weather warms up many horses are turned out onto fresh grazing in the spring. The higher temperatures also mean that worms will...

Equine Health Centre: scientific solutions for the equine athlete

Since 2004, the Equine Health Centre has been providing first class solutions to aid with the training and rehabilitation of equines on professional yards...

Engage the brain to beat boredom

Kept in natural conditions where they can wander, graze, browse and socialise, it is unlikely that many horses suffer from boredom. Owners might cite...

Dealing with emergencies

First aid for horses is quite a tricky subject – it can cover a minor injury or involve something life-threatening. One of the most important...

Prevention: the golden rule

Yard work is similar to housework in the sense that it is never ‘finished’. Whether a home-kept horse or pony, a small livery yard,...

Banish the woes of winter weather

Cold, wet, muddy - isn’t winter a delightful season for the equestrian! While we may be in luck this year in terms of snowfall,...

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Ear Balm

Made in Britain Ear Balm contains natural oils and butters to help keep horses’ ears and faces moisturised and comfortable during the dry summer months....

Parallax Hay Play

Made in Britain The Hay Play is the original spherical shaped slow forage feeder; its unique design has 32 flat faces that enable the feeder...