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Equine Nutrition – Feeding the Laminitic Equine

Correct nutrition is fundamental for a horse or pony with laminitis. Not only is it a useful tool for managing the condition, it also...

Equine Supplements – Calming and Behaviour

Having an anxious, badly behaved, easily upset, spooky or difficult horse can be tiring for an owner, not to mention sometimes dangerous. Dr David...

Equine Nutrition – Weight Management

Too much or too little, getting horses to the correct weight can be difficult for some owners. Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons), Director of Nutrition...

Nutritional Supplements – Improving Immunity

The horse’s immune system is an easily overlooked area of nutrition, something owners only become aware of once something goes wrong. Jennie Westcott, from...

Equine Nutrition – Feeding for Performance

Ensuring competition horses are getting the required energy and nutrients from their diet is essential for optimum performance. Alice Thomas, Dodson & Horrell Company...

Nutritional Supplements – Herbal Remedies

Stocking herbal supplements can be complex at the best of times, with so many different formulations for different functions on the market. Heather Giles...

Equine Nutrition – Calming & Control

Over-excitable horses exhibiting uncontrollable behaviour can be a big concern to some owners and it’s safe to say that very few people enjoy riding...

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