Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Concentrating on condition

Lacking condition, ‘dropping off’, losing interest - these are all common concerns that seem to rear their head as winter takes hold. With limited...

Golden rules for winter feeding

Winter, a time of weather extremities, less daylight, diminished grass quality and quantity and limited exercise. All this means maintaining horse’s health, weight and...

High Fibre Feeding

HorseHage has found that when talking to people via its Helpline or on the tradestand at events, the majority give little consideration to the...

Feeding Veterans

A veteran is usually defined as a horse or pony over the age of 15 and whilst some will start to show their age...

Free-from Feeding

It’s a fascinating fact that ‘problems’ associated with human health are often identified in horses and other domestic animals. Sometimes the situation is reversed...

New research confirms that diet can help manage EGUS

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) can affect any horse. It can cause discomfort and may have a detrimental effect on behaviour and performance but...

Equine Nutrition: Feeding the leisure horse

Leisure horse owners are the biggest sector of the market and despite their horses infrequently needing large quantities of feed, they do still need...

Equine Skin Trauma – Boosting the Barrier

As the horse’s first layer of defence and an indicator of internal health, skin issues can both worry and warn horse owners. Lumps, bumps...

Equine Nutrition – Feeding for Maintenance

Good doer? Gets fat on air? Just needs to look at a carrot to put on weight? You’ll certainly have heard one or more...

Equine Nutrition – Digestive Health

Our understanding of equine digestive health has improved dramatically over the last decade. The connection between dietary input and how it affects performance, temperament...

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