Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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New research confirms that diet can help manage EGUS

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) can affect any horse. It can cause discomfort and may have a detrimental effect on behaviour and performance but...

Equine Nutrition: Feeding the leisure horse

Leisure horse owners are the biggest sector of the market and despite their horses infrequently needing large quantities of feed, they do still need...

Equine Skin Trauma – Boosting the Barrier

As the horse’s first layer of defence and an indicator of internal health, skin issues can both worry and warn horse owners. Lumps, bumps...

Equine Nutrition – Feeding for Maintenance

Good doer? Gets fat on air? Just needs to look at a carrot to put on weight? You’ll certainly have heard one or more...

Equine Nutrition – Digestive Health

Our understanding of equine digestive health has improved dramatically over the last decade. The connection between dietary input and how it affects performance, temperament...

Equine Nutrition – Feeding the Laminitic Equine

Correct nutrition is fundamental for a horse or pony with laminitis. Not only is it a useful tool for managing the condition, it also...

Equine Supplements – Calming and Behaviour

Having an anxious, badly behaved, easily upset, spooky or difficult horse can be tiring for an owner, not to mention sometimes dangerous. Dr David...

Equine Nutrition – Weight Management

Too much or too little, getting horses to the correct weight can be difficult for some owners. Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons), Director of Nutrition...

Nutritional Supplements – Improving Immunity

The horse’s immune system is an easily overlooked area of nutrition, something owners only become aware of once something goes wrong. Jennie Westcott, from...

Equine Nutrition – Feeding for Performance

Ensuring competition horses are getting the required energy and nutrients from their diet is essential for optimum performance. Alice Thomas, Dodson & Horrell Company...

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