Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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The rise of the machines

Every type of industry needs young entrants. Graduates, highly skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled but willing to learn and - of course - apprentices. PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers...

John Whitaker International

With a lifetime of professional equestrianism on tap, John Whitaker International is backed by one of Britain’s most notable showjumping stars, and just like...

Video – The most powerful marketing tool you’re (probably) completely ignoring

You face many challenges in your business and different forms of marketing provide different solutions. Some drive new customers into your store, others educate...

Challenges with changeable

One of the big, big problems relating to saddle fitting concerns the number of times and the rapidity with which horses change shape. Ergo: responsible...

Got the buzz?

The other day I came across a wonderful website - - which quoted the following as a supreme example of the number of...

Shires Equestrian

With over 40 years experience, Shires Equestrian has become renowned as a leading name in equestrian equipment for horse and rider. Family-owned since 1968, Shires...

Email marketing: refining your campaign

PressPoint goes in-depth with ideas that will drag your email marketing into 2017, looking into the platforms you may want to consider as you...

Company Insight: Lintbells

With a shared passion to improve pets’ lives through excellent nutrition, John Howie and John Davies came together to establish Lintbells in 2006. Having...

Keeping cash to stop scams

I believe the equestrian industry is pretty honest – at least by comparison with the skulduggery, manipulation and general deception that occurs in so...

Extending equestrian

The chances are that all EB readers are involved (intensively or peripherally) in an industry directly linked to the rural sector. Congratulations! The sector...

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BEVA’s MumsVet introduces guidance resources for employers

MumsVet, the British Equine Veterinary Association’s (BEVA) online support platform for equine veterinary professionals juggling work and parenthood, has introduced important guidance resources for...

New Zoetis video explains encysted small redworm danger

Zoetis UK has unveiled an important new video to help horse owners understand why encysted small redworm are a serious health risk to horses....