Saturday, April 21, 2018
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A system under pressure

For a fair amount of time – years in fact – there have been numerous wordy reports about shortage of skills in this country....

The lay of the land

Uncertainty rules – everywhere – but some things we can virtually guarantee happening! One such relates to the increasing pressures and demands that will...

The cost of compromise

The current political situation in this country cannot be described as ‘stable’ but, by comparison with many, many other parts of the world, it...

The rise of the machines

Every type of industry needs young entrants. Graduates, highly skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled but willing to learn and - of course - apprentices. PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers...

Got the buzz?

The other day I came across a wonderful website - - which quoted the following as a supreme example of the number of...

Extending equestrian

The chances are that all EB readers are involved (intensively or peripherally) in an industry directly linked to the rural sector. Congratulations! The sector...

Diplomacy or negotiation?

The Greeks and the Romans understood negotiation. ‘Diplomacy’ was a much-used word in in the works of Homer and Thucydides but ‘Professional Diplomats’ probably...

What about Rural?

By the time this edition of EB reaches readers the election will be over and we will know – barring anything going badly wrong...

Boosting productivity

Some years ago, Time and Motion Study was applied to all areas of business. Frederick Winslow Taylor undertook the Time study work and this...

A United Front

The Khalid Masood/Adrian Elms/Adrian Ajao terrorist attack didn’t divide the nation – the country united. Thousands of people, all ages from different backgrounds with different...

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