Thursday, June 29, 2017
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The reality of awards

Are awards and trophies important to business? If so, what are the benefits? If not, why not? Working in an institution that flies high and...

Addressing Trust

I was talking to a colleague recently who – way back – set up and ran a PR consultancy that embraced equestrian-related publicity. She...

Smart Borrowing

Reliable reports indicate that, up to mid-December last year, the world spent $1,570,000,000,000 on arms. What appears a trivial rise of just 1% amounts...

The Right Response

Business in general has become very reactive. Proactive is good, but reactive is bad – it smacks of panic. Of course, following the American election,...

A Balancing Act

The then Prime Minister Tony Blair was never personally ideologically opposed to hunting but the way things work in Westminster – constant bargaining, blocking,...

Reputation and Rumours

Companies spend time, money and effort building a good reputation and positive brand. However, safety from rumours can never be guaranteed and unfortunately, in...

Making Targets Inspire

Workplace targets that are unrealistic aren’t a challenge or an incentive and encouragement to do better. They are the opposite, a disincentive and a...

Utilising Rhetoric

A new phrase has entered the arena – ‘Believe me’ - or in ‘American’ per Donald Trump – ‘Buh-leeve me’. Remember ‘Read my lips’? It...

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