Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Telling the bigger story

Just in the highly unlikely case the date has been missed, forgotten, overlooked or deliberately put to the back of minds - 29TH March...

The patriotic approach

The press – international, national and regional – is crammed with negative stories, many of them truly horrifying. However, one topic is dominating business...

Raise your glass

Christmas is approaching and - reversing the trend in most of the media - I would like to end the year on a note...

The great pretender

Truisms and proverbs say it so well: ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. And how! We suffer know-alls in every walk of life. Their...

Challenges with changeable

One of the big, big problems relating to saddle fitting concerns the number of times and the rapidity with which horses change shape. Ergo: responsible...

Keeping cash to stop scams

I believe the equestrian industry is pretty honest – at least by comparison with the skulduggery, manipulation and general deception that occurs in so...

A message of unity

Prices have gone up! We in the retail trade know all about it because we are being badly knocked. The increases have very little...

Upholding values

It seems that every bit of news – across all sections of the media – is dismal. This week the focus has been on...

Fashion, fad, fantasy, foolish, forthright

Horse owners are influenced by fashion. They fall for fads. They sometimes live a fantasy life. They are often foolish. It is up to...

An industry in crisis

Saddle fitting: I cannot think of any area of the retail trade that offers an even remotely similar degree of expertise – but our...

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