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Crystal ball predictions: marketing in 2018

2017 – what a year it was. We received a masterclass from brands the world over as to how social conscience should be demonstrated;...

Packaging: When appearance comes first

You could argue for days about what really sells a product in the equestrian market. Is it the celebrity endorsements? Or the unique formulations?...

Shake up your social strategy – from lacklustre trot to all-out gallop

The business world has changed – no longer are websites anywhere near enough to attract attention online. Today, social media is a non-negotiable –...

Create a Business-Boosting Blog Strategy – A Step-By-Step

You may have heard the news - blogging can be great for business. When done right, blogging can deliver many impressive benefits: Websites with...

Video – The most powerful marketing tool you’re (probably) completely ignoring

You face many challenges in your business and different forms of marketing provide different solutions. Some drive new customers into your store, others educate...

Email marketing: refining your campaign

PressPoint goes in-depth with ideas that will drag your email marketing into 2017, looking into the platforms you may want to consider as you...

15 Ideas for fostering customer loyalty

B2B companies with high customer engagement scores achieve 50% higher sales, 34% higher profitability and 55% higher wallet share. Acquiring new customers is between...

The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Checklist

Making a success of your eCommerce store is a challenge not to be taken lightly, especially since the average eCommerce conversion rate stands at...

Service and Sales – Powerful Partners for Profit

Stellar customer service – it’s good business practice, and yet many companies drastically underestimate its value in terms of pence, pounds and profit. Many...

Diversification – worth the risk?

Expanding and diversifying stock can be a great way to boost profits and appeal to the wider ‘countryside’ market, but it isn’t without risk....

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