Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Saracen products awarded BETA Assurance Mark

Two feeds within the Saracen Horse Feeds product range have been awarded the BETA Assurance Mark for products suitable for horses prone to equine...

Elico Memory Foam Saddle Cushions

These seat savers fit closely to the saddle making them easy to put on or remove as required. The memory foam inner (which has...


Made in Britain Alfalfa-mazing chop contains all the key nutrients and vitamins needed for a horse or pony to thrive. Containing exceptional levels of calcium...

Meadow Magic

Made in Britain Emerald Green Feeds Meadow Magic Pellets are a high fibre, low sugar and starch feed aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at those...

Pest Away Body Wash

Made in Britain A 100% natural body wash, Pest Away Body Wash thoroughly cleans and removes unwanted guests, including chorioptic mite and lice without the...

EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson and fleece roller

Made in Britain The EquiAmi Lunge Cavesson is a modern version of an age-old classic. The innovative Cavesson is flatter, lightweight and soft, providing a...

LeMieux Shoc Air Cross Country Boot

These specialist performance boots feature 3D mesh lining and vented EVA mould technology for pliable strength and air flow to the outer shell, whilst...

Horslyx Mint Balancer

Made in Britain Horslyx Balancers provide everyday balanced support for horses with vitamins, minerals and trace elements in one easy to use, cost effective lick....

JCB Paint

Made in Britain JCB Paint’s weather proof, the Supertough paint offers flame retardancy and a smoke suppressant feature on a single application. A tough PU...

Likit Holder

Made in Britain This economically priced stable toy is perfect for providing environmental enrichment, while the compact design makes it easy to pack in the...

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Made in Britain The Polocrosse helmet is Charles Owen’s latest addition to its innovative line. Featuring a glass fibre reinforced shell with 10 front and...

Ayr8 Plus

Made in Britain The Ayr8 Plus has all of the features of the popular Ayr8 with the added benefit of a removable headband so that...