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Dumpy Tip Over Drinker (DBL9)

The award winning Tip Over Drink Bowl from JFC was launched in late 2015 and has received many awards including the White Rose Merit...

EquiAmi Lunge Aids, Cavessons and Rollers

EquiAmi Training Aids promote engagement, core strength, balance and self-carriage, whilst being simple to use. The lunge aid self-centres needing no adjustment for bend...

Paddock Slab and Posts

MADE IN BRITAIN Ideal product to be used in paddocks, exercise pens, riding arenas, feeding, storage and parking areas, Paddock Slabs are resistant to frost...

Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Back on Track’s new Saddle Pads feature the unique Welltex lining. This ceramic infused fabric reflects infrared waves, supporting circulation and suppleness in the...

Multi Weeda

Made in Britain Tough tool designed to remove noxious and problem weeds. The need for early action is vital because the problem can very quickly...

Absorbine Leather Therapy

Absorbine Leather Therapy is an integrated system providing complete care of tack, leather and equestrian textiles. The Tack Wash deep cleans for daily maintenance...

3 Gallon SuperBucket

Made in Britain The 3 Gallon SuperBucket is of unbreakable quality and available in black, blue, green, pink, purple and red. Extremely durable, the SuperBucket...

DP1205 Dual Power Energiser

Very robust and extremely reliable, Dual Power Energiser is suitable for running on a 12v battery or mains power and is also solar compatible....

Rowen Barbary Forage ‘n’ Fibre

Made in Britain For horses in low levels of work and good doers w­­ho are often put on restricted grazing, Forage ‘n’ Fibre is ideal...


Made in Britain Available in molasse and molasses-free formulations, this low calorie, short-chop forage is ideal for those prone to laminitis. It has all the...

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Double Reservoir Water Troughs (DT90)

The Double Reservoir Water Troughs provide animals with fresh, clean and easy accessible drinking water. The 90 gallon (400L) double reservoir water trough can...

The Stephen’s Sheepskin Range

Made in Britain The Stephen’s Sheepskin Range is Equine Management Ltd’s best seller. The Stephen’s Sheepskin Range incorporates a wide selection of Australian lambswool saddle...