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Veteran Vitality

Using only the finest Non-GM ingredients, Veteran Vitality is high in fibre, low in starch, and is gentle on the digestive system. A unique...

Postal Worm-Count Service

Abbey Diagnostics provides a fast, friendly and inexpensive postal worm-count service for all equines and many others. Abbey Diagnostics has specialised in the provision...

Silvermoor Swingers

Silvermoor Swingers is the only hanging forage block made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. It is 90% grass, high in fibre...


MADE IN BRITAIN CleanRound infection control and biosecure products offer a complete solution to keep horses, yards and transport free from infections. Available in cedarwood,...

Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo

Aqueos Horse Shampoo is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is gentle enough to be also used as an everyday shampoo. The shampoo helps combat...

ProAir jacket

Point Two ProAir jacket is a lightweight versatile air vest and is available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Re-usable, serviceable and...

Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL balancer

MADE IN BRITAIN Blue Chip Feed has specifically formulated Super Concentrated ULSA-COOL balancer to assist with the maintenance of acid balance in the gut, to...


ProKalm is an innovation in helping horses and ponies perform to their potential using a unique formulation that acts rapidly in as little as...

Seal to Heal

Groom Away’s Seal to Heal forms a flexible barrier to protect against the bacteria found in mud. A marked improvement can be seen within...

Safe & Sound

Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound is the perfect balanced diet for those prone to laminitis. Providing recommended...

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Lister Adagio

With over an hour’s battery operating time and smart LED battery level indication, the Lister Adagio is the perfect trimmer for any horse owner....


MADE IN BRITAIN Winner of the Safety and Security Innovation award at BETA International 2018, Rescuestuds are the new innovation to remedy a loose stud...