Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Westgate Laboratories Worm Count Kit – Promotional Pack

Veterinary advice recommends that tests should form the basis of a modern targeted worm control programme. These attractively packaged kits contain everything the horse...

Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle

The new Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle is made from high quality European leather, and the anatomically shaped headpiece evenly distributes pressure across the poll...

Wrist and Hand Warmers

Manufactured by hand in Great Britain using patented technology, Stormchase wrist and hand warmers are flexible, lightweight and suitable for the coldest of weathers...

The Green Composite Stirrup

The Green Composite stirrup comprises of a single-piece steel core, covered by an extremely robust, environmentally sourced composite polyamide, which help protect against breakages....

Quick Pick

If saving time is the aim, look no further - Quick Pick drastically speeds up equine field cleaning. Designed for able as well as...

My LeMieux Base Layer

A truly classic base layer for active riders designed to keep them warm and comfortable, the LeMieux Base Layer features the unique Moisture-Movement System,...

Charlotte Dujardin Luminosa Reversible Jacket

The Luminosa - 50% hi-visibility, 50% reflective and manufactured using waterproof, extra-soft fluorescent hi-vis fabric and reflective fabric made from powered glass beads. This clever...

EquiAmi Lunge Aids, Cavessons and Rollers

EquiAmi Training Aids promote engagement, core strength, balance and self-carriage, whilst being simple to use. The lunge aid self-centres needing no adjustment for bend...

equiXTREME Hoof Balm

equiXTREME Farriers Hoof Balm is a rich dressing for all hoof types and colours. It nourishes the hoof, supports the natural horn growth and...


The Earlswood range of SuperTubs is being launched this month. This brand-new range of Super Flexible, Super Strong and Super Useful tubs is available...

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Animology launches new trade website

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