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Domus machines

Domus machines have an innovative design focusing on quality, performance and energy efficiency. Every Domus machine is well-made and durable, each unit contains a touch control...

Parallax Hay Play

Made in Britain The Hay Play is the original spherical shaped slow forage feeder; its unique design has 32 flat faces that enable the feeder...

Hunters Equestrian General Purpose Grass Seed

This hardy mixture contains grasses that have been selected for their roughage and low fructan content. Designed to cope with the pressures of equestrian...

Baileys Performance Balancer

Made in Britain BETA-accredited as suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers, low calorie Performance Balancer is formulated to deliver optimum nutrition. With quality protein,...

Veteran Light

Made in Britain Veteran Light is the low-calorie feed for veterans within Allen & Page’s Barley & Molasses Free Range. It provides all the nutritional requirements for optimum...

Restore SR

Restore SR has been formulated using the latest technology in electrolyte research, including a proprietary slow-release mechanism that allows sodium to be released gradually...


Made in Britain EquidGel is a 100% natural wholefood, balanced, complete diet for all horses and ponies. When mixed with the correct amount of water,...


Made in Britain Speedi-Beet is a non-heating beet pulp feed that can provide rapid rehydration for performance horses whilst optimising energy release rate. The soluble...

Horslyx Garlic Balancer

Made in Britain Horslyx Garlic Balancer contains pure garlic oil to help provide a natural and effective way to help combat the problem of biting...


Made in Britain A great tasting powdered supplement for horses after exercise on hot days or at times of high stress. Revive replaces essential salts...

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Made in Britain The Polocrosse helmet is Charles Owen’s latest addition to its innovative line. Featuring a glass fibre reinforced shell with 10 front and...

Ayr8 Plus

Made in Britain The Ayr8 Plus has all of the features of the popular Ayr8 with the added benefit of a removable headband so that...