Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Luminosa Reversible Jacket

Coming this winter is the Luminosa Reversible Jacket by Equisafety. A mix of fashion and safety, Managing Director Nicola Fletcher describes it as “a...


Equisafety has created the EQUIPROCAM - designed by horse riders for horse riders. The EQUIPROCAM has 160 minutes of battery as well as GPS...


The AirMesh is the most highly ventilated BETA 2009 Level 3 body protector in Airowear’s high performance line. With lightweight foam that moulds closer...

Five Star Optimum

NAF Five Star Optimum helps restore and maintain five star condition and health, maximise the nutritional value of the daily feed ration, and optimise...


NoBute is recognised world wide for its ability to help with the maintenance of healthy joints and connective tissue, and is particularly useful for...

Evolution Puissance

The popular Evolution Puissance riding hat is perfect for all disciplines. With a low profile lightweight fibre glass shell, this hat is a modern...

ProAir jacket

Point Two ProAir jacket is a lightweight versatile air vest and is available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Re-usable, serviceable and...

Aloe Vera Gel

A soothing gel that helps maintain healthy skin and aids natural recovery, the Aloe Vera Gel is made from the best natural ingredients. This...

Wonder Balm

WildWash is renowned for the wonderful natural ingredients it uses in its products and the fantastic results they have on the animals that use...

NRG Helmet

The NRG helmet features two large front vents that can be either plain, solid colour or sparkle silver. Suitable for almost all Riding Clubs...

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