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Primer LS Range

The washing machines in the Primer LS commercial range have a spin speed of up-to 1000 RPM, without the fuss of being anchored to...


MADE IN BRITAIN A natural anti-bacterial bedding powder for both the stable and horse box, StableZone by Animal Health Company eliminates ammonia, reduces viral and...

Mud Bug Buster

MADE IN BRITAIN A tough waterproof antibacterial paste with key ingredients including Neem oil and essential oils, Mud Bug Buster is 100% natural. A soothing...

Fast Fibre

MADE IN BRITAIN Fast Fibre is a high fibre feed with a combined sugar and starch level of only 7.5%, making it suitable for horses...

Horse Gift Boxed Jewellery

A great gift for any pony mad child, AWST International has designed a selection of stylish child sized pendants that hang on 16” chains....

Back on Track Leg Wraps Royal

Back on Track Quick Wraps Royal are made from the company’s unique Welltex which is infused with ceramic particles that reflect a far infrared...

The Clipit Suit

Totally hair resistant, lightweight and breathable, the Clipit Suit is available in three colours – black with burgundy edging, navy with silver, and the...

WB120 Derbyshire Country Boot

The Brogini Derbyshire country boots are available in both children and adults sizes. The calf of the boots are crafted from a soft and...


MADE IN BRITAIN Stainmaster is ideal for removing dirt and manure stains with no need to rinse – providing customers with a perfect alternative towards...


MADE IN BRITAIN   Charles Owen’s eLumen8 blends tradition with a modern flair that introduces new shine to high technology safety. With four ventilation holes and...

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MADE IN BRITAIN This is a very high quality, fine horse bedding with a light appearance and is produced specifically for horse owners who prefer...

Investigating the mystery of crib-biting

Crib-biting in horses might be related to a lack of trace element selenium in their diets, according to new research published in the Journal...