Launch It: Arioneo Orscana


Inspired by advances in human health monitoring, Arioneo launches Orscana, a revolution in equine technology; delivering a product that safeguards a customer’s horse and performs at the till.

If you’ve ever had a customer seeking new technology to help them manage their horse’s everyday well-being and comfort, you’ll know that there’s very little on the market to help… until now! In spring of this year, a brand- new, affordable technology arrived in the form of Arioneo’s Orscana. At the cutting edge of equestrian management, Orscana’s innovative equipment comprises a connected sensor that fixes under any type of horse rug, analysing movement, temperature and moisture levels.

  • Great for the less- knowledgeable customer – it provides direction on the type of rug to use under varying conditions, helping you to match appropriate rug sales to every customer, whatever the season.
  • Useful for the professional owner – it provides detailed intelligence on a horse’s comfort, while in the stable, paddock, or when travelling.
  • Useful in times of illness or box rest – it monitors temperature underneath the horse’s rug, recording activity and perspiration, alerting the owner to a horse becoming uncomfortable.

Available for both iOS and android devices, users simply download the free Orscana application to their smartphone, which connects to the sensor and immediately begins to record useful data.

Orscana sold over 4000 units in its first two months of release, with excellent customer feedback of 4.7/5 on Facebook. At a price-point under £100 it’s a perfect ‘add-on’ for rug sales and a great, innovative Christmas gift.

Arioneo has been working with top senior and junior riders across all disciplines – including Jess Mendoza, Tom Jackson, Alex Tordoff, Nicola Buchanan, Jake Myers and Jessie Kirby. Appearing in many consumer equine titles, with more planned this autumn/winter, combined with a large social media program commencing this month, there’s definitely going to be a buzz surrounding this product, with stock moving quickly.

In-depth training for retailers is provided on request, and stockists are supported
with regularly updated POS materials, in addition to a huge collection of high-quality marketing images and website content.

“The sensor is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike,” comments UK and Ireland Director, Claire Hubbard. “It answers very real questions that riders at all levels are constantly asking and have, until now, remained unanswered. Did my horse really rest last night? Was my horse too hot, or too cold? The weather is changing tonight, should I be changing rugs? How does my horse cope with travel? Technology is the way forward. In our everyday lives, we embrace technology, yet in the equestrian world, we have been slow to use the advantages that technology brings us. I believe that this is the next big thing for all retailers, and those that embrace it will prevail.”

The science behind the product

By connecting the scientific algorithms of individual equine body heat and moisture monitoring with weather forecasts, the Orscana provides predictive advice based on real- time weather data, utilising the previous night’s data from each individual horse. Orscana also monitors and records whether a horse is lying down and resting, how active the horse is, or whether it is agitated or disturbed.

Guillame Dubois, Arioneo’s Scientific Director explains, “We use algorithms that cross-reference the horse’s physiological parameters – for example, gender, breed and physical capacity – with data gathered by the sensor, which includes temperature, humidity and movement. This allows us to pinpoint warning levels and key data to determine the wellbeing of the horse in question.”

Arioneo will be exhibiting at spoga horse autumn 2017. To arrange a meeting time to see this new and exciting technology in action, or for more details on becoming a stockist, contact [email protected].

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