Pippin’s Pick: KBF99 Bucket Brush


Led by his nose and instinct to retrieve just about anything he can carry, office dog Pippin selected the excellent bucket brush from KBF99 as his pick of the September ‘Let’s Talk Products’. Designed with anti-bacterial bristles, this brush assists in the prevention of nasty illnesses, making it an all-round great addition to stock, and as demonstrated by Pippin in the video below, its lightweight and comfortable grip makes it hard to put down!

KBF99 bucket brush

Sizes/Styles: One size Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

RRP: £12.00

The KBF99 anti-bacterial bucket brush is just one item available from the KBF99 range of stable and yard products. This brush actively kills bacteria, fungi and algae and therefore makes it an extremely effective tool for cleaning buckets and field water toughs.

The bonus to using KBF99 products is that there are no chemicals involved. The product range contains an additive that is introduced to the plastic at the production stage, which means that KBF99 products do not release any chemicals making them totally clean and safe to use. This also prevents bacteria building up immunity or resistance to KBF99.

KBF99 coats the surface of plastic with molecular strands, somewhat like tiny spikes. The coating is also rich in nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge, which attract the negatively charged membranes of bacteria, fungi, algae and mycotoxins. These fibres are impregnated with the special KBF99 additive, which assists in the prevention of infection and reinfection of various diseases, including strangles, ringworm, E.coli and mycotoxin.

The KBF99 Bucket Brush has a wide variety of stable applications and is angled to easily clean the corners of buckets and ward crevices. Included in the stable range is a selection of feed scoops, buckets (flexible and hard), a broom and unbreakable shaving fork.

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