Tools of the trade


As featured in the September issue of Equestrian Business, we look at a selection of tools and accessories for the yard.


Faulks & Cox Ltd.

Gorilla Broom

Sizes/Styles: 50cm head, 30cm head  Colours: Grey (Heads), Pink, Purple, Pistachio, Yellow (Handle colours)

RRP: 30cm £10.99, 50cm £13.99, Handle £2.99

The Gorilla Broom is a great example of an ultimate yard broom. Available in both 30cm and 50cm head sizes, there is one for every job, owner or yard size. The Gorilla Broom is manufactured to be of superior quality, featuring anti-clog channels for efficient sweeping and an innovative scraper blade. The handles and heads are sold separately, with a range of handle colours to choose from.


Red Gorilla Speedskip

Sizes/Styles: 1 size Colours: Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Black

RRP: £26.50

The Red Gorilla Speedskip is an innovative tool designed to make mucking out stables, arenas and paddocks easier and faster. The strong polymer rake is very effective at removing only the manure, saving expensive bedding and arena surfaces. It is also brilliant for poo picking paddocks too as the rake doesn’t get tangled up in long grass. Safe for children and pets, the lightweight design is complete with a comfortable soft grip handle.

Wm.Faulks 4 Prong Manure Fork

Sizes/Styles: Long handle or T Handle Colours: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red

RRP: £14.99

The classic manure fork with a modern twist – the Wm.Faulks 4 Prong Manure Fork is available in five bright and fun colours, meaning there is an option for all. It is designed with four super-strong steel tines and a lightweight, well-balanced shaft making it an excellent option for a whole host of yard tasks. Strong, sturdy and efficient, the Wm.Faulks 4 Prong Manure Fork colour matches with the Tubtrugs range.


Wm.Faulks Coloured Corn Broom

Sizes/Styles: Standard, Large Colours: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red, Pistachio

RRP: Standard £6.90, Large £13.99

Inspired by the classic corn broom design, but with a modern twist. Available in six fun colours, the Wm.Faulks Coloured Corn Broom will brighten up any yard! With a shaped head and strong handle, this corn broom is ideal for sweeping around the house, yard and stable. Made from natural materials and traditional design, it’s built to stand the test of time.

+44 (0)1455 848184



Heavy Duty Tub Trolley

Sizes/Styles: One Colours: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Silver, Red

The Fynalite Heavy Duty Tub Trolley effortlessly transports fully laden medium to large tubs. The clever counter balanced design moves heavy weights with ease, and the easy run wheels take the strain out of moving heavy or awkward loads. Light in weight yet incredibly strong, this tub trolley makes for the perfect yard companion. Designed and made in Britain using the best quality materials, the Fynalite Heavy Duty Tub Trolley has a tough powder coating finish.


Multi Mucka Stable Fork

Sizes/Styles: Softex, D, T (Grip) and Aluminium, Natural Ash, Painted Hardwood (Handle)

Colours: Dark Blue, Pink, Purple

One fork for all, the Fynalite Multi Mucka Stable Fork is designed to work on all bedding types. The sharpened prongs remove bedding with ease and can even be used to remove muck in the field. Made to be strong but lightweight, the fork is constructed from high specification steel and has high-carbon spring steel wire tines. Perfectly balanced, there is a choice of handle materials, lengths and grips to suit all.

Pellet Master Stable Fork

Sizes/Styles: Softex, D, T (Grip) and Aluminium, Natural Ash, Painted Hardwood (Handle)

Colours: Dark Blue, Pink, Purple

An innovative fork designed for use on all pellet type beddings, the ingenious design traps debris but allows bedding to fall between tines. The rounded tines pick up manure and wet bedding, but will not damage underlying rubber matting, and allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable. Strong, light and easy to use, the fork is perfectly balanced and uses very strong yet lightweight high specification steel as well as high-carbon spring steel wire tines.

Rubber Matting Stable Fork

Sizes/Styles: Softex, D, T (Grip) and Aluminium, Natural Ash, Painted Hardwood (Handle)

Colours: Dark Blue, Pink, Purple

Designed and made in Britain, this is an innovative award winning stable fork, suitable for use on rubber matting. The versatile tool is designed to pick up manure and wet bedding, without damaging the rubber matting in the stable. With a choice of handle materials, lengths and generous sized grips to suit everybody, the Fynalite Rubber Matting Stable Fork is strong, light and easy to use and is engineered to last.


Shavings Fork

Sizes/Styles: Softex, D, T (Grip) and Aluminium, Natural Ash, Painted Hardwood (Handle)

Colours: Black, Pink, Purple (Head) & Blue, Pink, Red (Smaller Version)

Designed and made in Britain, the original Fynalite fork, this versatile tool is created to high specification with superior quality that is engineered to last. Strong, light and easy to use it allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable and is also suitable for use on several bedding types. Perfectly balanced, Fynalite offers a choice of handle lengths, materials and generous sized grips to suit everybody.

Skip and Scoop rake and collector

Sizes/Styles: Available with textured softex grip

Colours: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Red (Rake Head)

Lightweight yet very strong, the specially designed rake flicks debris into the collector, and the specially angled tines and head move debris with the minimum of fuss. The superb head design uses high specification materials for ease of use and longevity, making it perfect for use in the stable, yard, box and field. Made in Britain using the best quality materials, the rake and collector have lightweight aluminium handles and are fast, easy to use and efficient.


XL Plastic Shavings Fork

Sizes/Styles: Softex, D, T (Grip) & Aluminium Handle Colours: Dark Blue

Available with optional ‘shaker cage’ to minimise bedding wastage, this high specification versatile stable tool is very strong yet lightweight – weighing just 900 grams. The lightweight aluminium handles make it easy to use, for rebuilding and shaping the bedding in the stable. Suitable for a variety of bedding types, this perfectly balanced fork reduces bedding waste and the choice of handle lengths and generous grips makes this tool suitable for many users.

+44 (0)1789 764848



Sizes/Style: Bag or Play

Colours: Pink, Navy

RRP: £50

Easy to fill, hang and carry, the HayGrazer is a slow feeding option that is kind on teeth, lips and muscles. HayGrazer Play’s initial research is showing it slows eating down more than small holed hay nets whilst significantly reducing frustration. Professional looking and much tidier, the HayGrazer is ideal for the trailer, lorry or stable and field. Eye catching for shops and trade stands, whilst easy to store when folded.

+44 (0)7817 026191


HŪF Design


Sizes/Styles: holds 2.7 litres Colours: Aqua, Berry, Citrus, Mango

RRP:  £9.50

The SKŪP’s design resolves the shortcomings in traditional feed scoops. It has clear measuring guides for consistently accurate feeding. Its elongated profile reaches into the corners of feed bins and the integrated handle allows users to hold the SKŪP comfortably. It stands up and is stackable – making it easy to store. What makes the SKŪP so innovative are the teeth that break up compacted feed without people resorting to using their hands. The SKŪP has proved to very popular; winning a BETA Innovation award at its launch in 2015.

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Noble Outfitters

Wave Fork

Sizes/Styles: Adjustable grip

Colours: Black, Grey, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple (Tine colours)

RRP: £39.95    

An innovation in stable management, the customisable WAVE FORK is lightweight and comes with a five-year guarantee. Made in the USA with an aircraft grade aluminium handle, the fork is built for lightweight durability to fulfill all equestrian needs. The adjustable grip on the handle offers comfort, while the copolymer plastic resin tines bend but don’t break, and are interchangeable for replacement or customisation. The outer tines form a basket for maximum load while the intelligent rail set design offers maximum durability.

+44 (0)1572 772476


Park Feeders Ltd

Hay Bar

Sizes/Styles: Pony, Horse, Deluxe

Colours: Black, Pink available in pony size

RRP: £70, Deluxe £75

The Hay Bar has revolutionised yard management – enabling owners of all types to save on labour, forage and bedding. Rising costs are meaning owners are more conscious about ensuring what they feed is used efficiently. The Hay Bar helps fulfil this by reducing the amount of forage wasted, while allowing the horse to feed in a natural position. New to the market is the Deluxe Hay Bar, which is designed to cope with the more destructive horses.

+44 (0)1723 882434


Rainbow Trug

Sizes/Styles: 2.2, 14, 15, 25, 30, 45, 75 (Litre)

Colours: Purple Velvet, Cherry Blossom Pink, Raspberry Pink, Snowdrop White, Buttercup Yellow, Poppy Red, Meadow Green, Holly Green, Pistachio Sorbet, Duck Egg Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Sapphire Blue, Platinum Grey, Orange Zest, Lavender, Panther Black (corporate colours available to special order)

Rainbow Trugs have been specifically designed for use in the equestrian market, with a thicker sidewall, strong base and large comfortable handles. They are made from a premium ‘Food Grade’ flexible polymer that is both strong and durable. For 2018, the 14-litre trug will have an internal scale added allowing the easy mixing of feeds. All Rainbow Trugs are U.V. and frost resistant, 100% phthalate free and are made in the U.K. to a high quality standard.

RRP: from £1.59


Sizes/Styles: 14, 15, 25, 30, 45, 75 (Litre)

Colours: Raspberry Pink, Meadow Green, Mediterranean Blue, Panther Black (corporate colours available to special order)

RRP: £3.99

Trug-Lid was created by Rainbow Trugs after customers highlighted a need to store pre-mixed feeds in their horses feed trug that also kept vermin out. As well as being tight enough to keep out mice and rats, the rigid Trug-Lid also allows Rainbow Trugs to be stacked, saving space in stables and tack rooms. Colour coding of feeds can also be achieved with the growing range of matching and contrasting Trug-Lid colours.

+44 (0)8454 598808


Sereny Limited

HayLo Hay & Haylage Feeder

Sizes/Styles: 1 size (feeding discs 70mm or 90mm) Colours: Green

RRP: £240

The HayLo provides a range of fantastic benefits for horses as it extends the length of time forage lasts, slows down the rate of consumption and satisfies the natural foraging instinct. Suitable for feeding hay or haylage, the HayLo promotes correct jaw and postural alignment, eliminates all waste and has the added benefit of saving time, labour and money. It can Be used in the stable or field, as well as for soaking and draining forage.

+44(0)1254 366748


Vale Brothers Ltd

Bull dog Broom

Sizes/Styles: One size  Colours: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink

RRP: £18.00

This clever broom features two fibre strengths to help make light work of sweeping away all types of dirt and debris. The stiff fibres at the front will remove stubborn dirt whilst the softer fibres at the back will pick up lighter debris. The hollow centre in the middle of the broom head ensures the brush fibres don’t become ‘clogged’. This lightweight broom comes with a black handle with a screw fixing for easy assembly.

Pippin’s Pick: KBF99 bucket brush

Sizes/Styles: One size Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

RRP: £12.00

The KBF99 anti-bacterial bucket brush actively kills bacteria, fungi and algae and therefore makes it an extremely effective tool for cleaning buckets and field water toughs. The bonus to using KBF99 products is that there are no chemicals involved – the products contain an additive introduced to the plastic at the production stage. This means that KBF99 products do not release any chemicals, which also prevents bacteria building up immunity or resistance to KBF99.

+44 (0)1922 642222


What More UK Limited

Wham Bam

Sizes/Styles: 2.3, 6.5, 16, 24, 36, 62, 92, 150 (Litre)

Colours: Blue, Chilli Red, Graphite, Black

RRP:  £4.29 to £49.99

The Wham Bam range is made from newly developed material that resists high impact damage. They are durable and strong, even in cold temperatures and every size has been strength tested to hold 400kg of weight. The virtually indestructible Wham Bam are ideal for equestrian use as they are heavy duty and can also be used industrially due to their strength. The lids snap securely into place and users can add tie-wraps for added security when required.


Wham Flexi-Store

Sizes/Styles: 8, 15, 25, 40 (Litre) – plus bags and square too

Colours: Mocha, Calico, Graphite, Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow

RRP:  £4.29 to £9.99

The Wham Flexi-Store range is hardwearing and durable. Due to its flexibility, Wham Flexi-Stores are multi-purpose storage tubs and are extremely versatile. Manufactured using strong and durable flexible plastic with integral handles for ease of carrying, the storage tubs can be used for any job – perfect for equestrian use as well as around the house and garden. Available as round tubs, square or as storage bags, their shape allows them to be stacked easily for compact storage.


Wham Heavy Duty Yard/Path Broom

Sizes/Styles: Various heads – 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”

Colours: Yellow & Black

RRP:  12” Broom Head £5.79, 137cm Heavy Duty Steel Handle £2.89

The What More UK Limited Wham Heavy Duty Yard/Path Broom is a superior quality Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wooden broom head. The extra stiff bristles make the broom effective on many surfaces and the broom can be used wet or dry. The Wham Heavy Duty Yard/Path Broom is available in a range of head sizes to suit any task. The handle is created from heavy duty, extra thick steel (0.35 gauge), and fits the full range of Wham wooden broom heads.

+44 (0)1282 687030