A change in the weather


No doubt you’ll have felt the days cooling off and the faint hint of frost in the early morning. It is, of course, the turning of the season. Wave farewell to the heat of summer and welcome in the brisk chills of autumn. But this isn’t a time to feel glum – it is in fact, a golden opportunity! As featured in the October issue of Equestrian Business, we look at a selection of winter rugs.

Bucas Ltd (via Zebra Products Ltd)

Irish Turnout (Medium)

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’0” (Combi Neck: XXS – XL) | Colours: Black with black/gold trim, Navy with navy/gold trim, Ruby with silver/ grey trim | Weights: 150g | RRP: £109

This is a performance rug that gives value for money and super flexibility to suit any horse’s needs. It’s fully waterproof and breathable with a 1200 denier rip-stop outer and silk-feel lining. Shoulder darts give the horse extra room and the rug also comes with a comfort front with covered buckle and additional top strap. A Combi Neck is available separately. The Medium rug provides 150g insulation, and there is also an Extra 300g and Light 50g.

Zebra Products Ltd | +44 (0)1352 763350 | www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Equisafety Ltd

Mercury Rug

Exercise Sheet | Sizes: Pony – XFull | Colours: Yellow, Pink, Red/Orange | Weights: 2oz | RRP: £69.99

The accents of EN1150 high visibility, breathable fabric on the innovative Mercury Rug provide a flash of colour with the soft quilt lining giving the rug a warm feel whilst wicking sweat away from the horse’s body. Lightweight and waterproof with taped seams, the rug is constructed with adjustable and removable neck band, tail guard, leg straps, exclusive girth vent, pocket and attachments for flashing LEDs. The main body of the rug is made from EN20471 technically advanced, soft touch fabric which provides illumination via the powdered glass beads.

Equisafety Ltd | +44 (0)1516 787182 | www.equisafety.com

Ekkia (Equithème brand)

EQUITHÈME Respirante Stable Rug

Stable Rug | Sizes: 5’9” – 7’0” | Colours: Black | Weights: 400g | RRP: £94.90

The EQUITHÈME Respirante Stable Rug has a high rate of thermal insulation thanks to its’ 400g/m² polyfill and new cooltech lining, which is an antibacterial fabric to ensure optimum thermal regulation. For increased comfort and to reduce chaffing or coat damage, the rug is also lined with polar fleece. The rug is fastened at the front with adjustable straps that snap into two choices of anchoring along with self-gripping bands for a better hold.


Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’9” – 7’0” (0g), 4’6” to 7’0” (200g), 4’6” – 5’6” and 7’0” (350g) | Colours: Navy/Grey | Weights: 0g, 200g, 350g | RRP: £62.90 (0g), £69.90 (200g), £76.90 (350g)

This waterproof and breathable turnout rug is made from 600 denier ripstop polyester with tapered seams, and is the perfect rug for winter weather. Featuring a nylon-lined neck, which fastens with two adjustable straps that are secured with self-gripping flaps, this rug will helps to keep horses warm and cosy out in the field. The synthetic sheepskin padding at the withers aids to avoid rubbing and provide optimum comfort, while other features include low-cross surcingles, an adjustable rear strap and quick release fastenings at chest.

Ekkia | www.ekkia.co.uk

Horseware Products Ltd

Rambo Duo Turnout

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’3” | Colours: Burgundy with duck egg and black, or navy with baby blue and brown | Weights: 100g (outer and hood), 300g (liner) | RRP: £359.95

An excellent example of an all-season rug, the Rambo Duo Turnout comes complete with a 100g outer, detachable 100g hood and a removable 300g liner for versatility to suit all seasons. The rug features a 1000D ballistic nylon waterproof and breathable outer, complete with anti-static and anti-bacterial lining, that has thermobonded fibrefill. The surefit neck design with V-front closure gives freedom of movement to graze, and the thermobonded fibrefill gives superior and long lasting heat retention. The design also includes shine enhancing polyester lining.

Rambo Ionic stable sheet

Therapy Rug | Sizes: 3’9” – 7’3” | Colours: Black, Black and Orange | Weights: 0g | RRP: £135.95 – £163.95

Crafted from ring spun polyester with moisture management technology and printed with the Rambo Ionic technology, the fabric of this rug is highly wicking and durable. With double front closures, cross surcingles and a fillet string, the inner of the Horseware Rambo Ionic stable sheet is printed with a powdered form of tourmaline, which releases negative ions to increase blood flow to important areas such as muscles. This technology increases the levels of oxygen to the muscles and helps to clear toxins from the body making it ideal for use before and after exercise.

Rambo Ionic stableboots

Therapy Boots | Sizes: Full, X-Full | Colours: Black, Black and Orange | Weights: 0g | RRP: £93.95

The Rambo Ionic stableboots feature a neoprene outer with a removable insert made with polycotton fabric and printed with Rambo Ionic technology. For use while horses are travelling or in the stable, the removable liners help to promote circulation. The horse can benefit in a number of ways including; increased circulation, increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissue, restored pH balance, strengthening the immune system, reduced blood pressure and removal of toxins from the body.

Rhino Original Stable rug

Stable Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’3” | Colours: Navy with cream check | Weights: 200g, 400g | RRP: £109.95 – £121.95

Designed to improve comfort for the stable, the Rhino Original Stable rug is made with strong and durable 1000D polypropylene outer. The polyester lining has thermbonded fibrefill and a cosy fleece collar, and the design benefits from a classic cut with double front closures. Updated to feature a cosy fleece collar around the neck and integrated wither pad, which aids in preventing mane or wither rubs, the fibrefill retains heat for superior comfort. The rug also includes shine enhancing polyester lining, and a detachable hood is available separately.

Horseware Products Ltd | +353 429 389000 | www.horseware.com

B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd

Elicouture Cambrian Combo Turnout Rug

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 4’6” to 7’3” | Colours: Unique pattern | Weights: 200g | RRP: £87.50

This well-shaped rug has been specially designed in an attractive, strong, 1200 denier patterned fabric, and features a waterproof, rip stop, breathable outer that has been seam-taped and bar-tacked for additional strength. Other design elements include a 200g filling, breathable nylon lining, twin eyeletted chest straps with quick release, Velcro closure, leg gussets, low cross-surcingles, leg straps, large tail flap and fillet cord. It has a combined neck with double-grip, Velcro fastenings and is packed in a portable zipper bag.

B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd | +44 (0)1924 454681 | www.jenkinsonsequestrian.co.uk

Shires Equestrian

StormCheeta 300 Combo

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’0” | Colours: Navy | Weights: 300g | RRP: £159.99

With trustworthy weatherproofing, the StormCheeta rugs offer superior weatherproofing for turned out horses. The breathable ShireTex 1680 denier ballistic outer puts up with tough treatment, the deep leg gussets and large pleated tail flap offers superior comfort. The ergonomically integrated cocoon neck cover is gentle on the withers and cosy on the neck. The rug’s warmth rating can be upgraded using separate compatible rug lines in 100g or 200g.

Shires Equestrian | +44 (0)1568 613600 | www.shiresequestrian.com

Trilanco Ltd

Masta Basic Stable Rug 100g Standard Neck

Stable Rug | Sizes: 4’6” to 7’0” | Colours: Blue | Weights: 100g | RRP: £35.00

Channel quilted for warmth and breathability, the Masta Basic Stable Rug 100g Standard Neck has 100g thermal fibre fill making it a great rug for in-between seasons. The shiny anti-rub lining promotes a clean and shiny coat, while the easy to use twin front surcingle fastenings, low cross surcingles and fillet string provide a quick and secure fit. For a more secure fit, the rear D-rings allow the option of adding leg straps.

Masta Basic Turnout 200g Fixed Neck

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 4’6” to 7’0” | Colours: Navy | Weights: 200g | RRP: £59.00

Made from a functional 600 denier ripstop polyester outer fabric, this rug is completely waterproof and breathable, and benefits from a medium 200g thermal fibre fill and an integrated neck cover. The shoulder gusset gives an enhanced fit, freedom of movement and the prevention of shoulder rub, while the soft anti-rub lining promotes a clean and shiny coat. Other features include easy to use twin front surcingle fastenings, low cross surcingles and fillet string, plus rear D-rings for optional leg straps.

Masta Protechmasta Infrared Rug Fixed Neck

Therapy Rug | Sizes: 4’6” to 7’6” | Colours: Black | Weights: 0g | RRP: £165.00

The Protechmasta therapy system enhances horse muscle functions and gently increases blood flow, detoxifying and promoting healing. The far infra-red technology makes the rug ideal for use before work to prepare the muscles for exercise, as well as after work, to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process of any damage inflicted. The rug’s air mesh fabric is soft and absorbent to wick away moisture effectively and has air pockets to help circulate warm air to prevent the horse cooling down too quickly.

Trilanco Ltd | +44 (0)1772 754844 | www.trilanco.com


WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 210D Channel Quilt

Stable Rug | Sizes: 4’0” – 7’3” | Colours: Purple/Black | Weights: 400g | RRP: £79.99

The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 210D Channel Quilt stable rug offers exceptional warmth as well as comfort – must haves for any item of the winter wardrobe. Benefitting from a tough 210 denier outer layer, the rug features a heat retaining polyester lining as well as adjustable front buckle closure to ensure a perfect fit on any horse or pony. Fastened by twin low cross surcingles, the rug is complete with a fillet string as well as touch tape loops – to fold back the combo neck.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Cozi Detach–A–Neck Medium

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’3” | Colours: Charcoal/Blue/White | Weights: 220g | RRP: £229.99

As a top of the range rug, the new WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Detach-A-Neck Medium Cozi is packed with features, and includes a free matching fleece cooler standard neck. Featuring the new Weatherbeeta Cozi guard for unbeatable protection of the chest, the rug has a memory foam wither relief pad that contours to the horse’s shape. The 1680 denier ballistic nylon outer shell with Teflon coating is both waterproof and breathable. The adjustable belly wrap provides extra comfort and warmth, while the new padded and removable leg straps give a secure and comfortable fit.

WeatherBeeta | +44 (0)1295 226905 | www.weatherbeeta.co.uk

Jumpers Horse Line

JHL Mediumweight Combo Turnout Rug

Turnout Rug | Sizes: 5’6” – 7’0” | Colours: Burgundy | Weights: 200g | RRP: £58.99

From the new JHL Essential Collection, this competitively priced combo turnout is manufactured in 600 denier ripstop polyester waterproof and breathable fabric with a nylon lining and 200g insulation layer. The rug also features double front fastenings, cross surcingles, leg straps, a generous tail flap and shoulder pleats. A practical and stylish medium turnout rug with a fixed neck, this rug is ideal for autumn and winter months to keep horses warm, protected and comfortable.

Westgate EFI | +44 (0)1303 872277 | www.wefi.co.uk

Mark Todd Collection

Mark Todd Pony Mediumweight Stable Rug

Stable Rug | Sizes: 4’3” to 5’3” | Colours: Ocean Blue | Weights: 220g | RRP: £48.99

From the Mark Todd pony rug range, this mediumweight turnout has a 600 denier rip-stop, waterproof outer, 220g insulation and nylon anti-rub lining. The Mark Todd Pony Mediumweight Stable Rug is specially designed to fit ponies without compromising on style or performance. This rug offers comfort and protection with reinforced nylon anti-rub shoulders. It has adjustable double front buckles with quick clip release, low cross surcingles and fillet string, as well as shoulder pleats for freedom of movement.

Westgate EFI | +44 (0)1303 872277 | www.wefi.co.uk