Ground-breaking ArcEquine Ambassador network launches


The exceptional customer service supporting its unique ArcEquine microcurrent unit is to be enhanced further by manufacturer Applied Microcurrent Technology (AMT) with the ground-breaking launch of a new network of highly skilled product Ambassadors.

CEO Peter Clayton explains, “Our Ambassador concept will enable equine healthcare professionals and the equine supply chain to offer additional services to horseowners resulting from opportunities that will deliver new revenue streams and healthy margins to their businesses. ArcEquine Ambassadors will have expertise in the technology behind the ArcEquine and its practical use by horseowners, along with skills to support equine trade and healthcare professionals in developing both proficiency in its application and associated growth in their businesses.”

The first ArcEquine Ambassadors have been appointed and are already working with equine vets, physiotherapists, chiropractors, farriers, tack shops, rehabilitation centres and trainers to help them bring the benefits of ArcEquine microcurrent therapy to their clients and also their businesses.

Further Ambassador appointments will follow to support the accelerating growth in trade relationships. Anyone interested in the opportunities at any level should contact AMT’s Head Office on +44 (0)1580 755504.

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