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Flex-on stands to revolutionise the way riders think about stirrups, by combining unique shock absorption technology with comfort, stability and customisable design.

Developed through the partnership between a showjumper and an engineer (Caroline and Laurent Bordes), Flex-on set about creating a solution for the sore knees and ankles experienced by many riders on the competition circuit and the Flex-on stirrup was born.

Crafted by a dedicated team based in Pau, France,  Flex-on stirrups have undergone rigorous biomechanical testing by Sport-Contrôle (a recognized agency specialising in medical and health assessment). The tests showed Flex-on stirrups significantly absorb vibration and reduce joint fatigue, as well as reducing the muscle work wasted in protecting the rider from both impact and the resulting body misalignment.

Styles to suit all 
All Flex-on stirrups incorporate the same unique technology of shock absorption and a wide footbed.  The impressive shock-absorbing system is based on the use of elastomer ‘springs’ built into the footbed, which absorb and reduce the shockwaves generated by the horse’s movement.  This reduces the pressure on the rider’s joints, and thereby helps to prevent injury. The stirrup frame has an offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leather for optimum contact with the horse, while the variety of angled footbeds help the rider to achieve a correct leg position in any discipline.

  • The Aluminium – made from a single block of high-grade aluminium as used in the aeronautic industry, these stirrups are exceptionally strong.  Rather than being painted, the stirrups are coloured all the way through the material, minimising the appearance of scratch marks.
  • The Green Composite – made from a single-piece steel core, covered by a robust, environmentally-sound polyamide, which protects against the risk of breakages experienced with some composite-framed stirrups.  Offering superb quality at a competitive price, the Green Composite stirrups can be cleaned with water and are easy to maintain.
  • The Junior Green Composite – with all the same characteristics as the Green Composite, this stirrup is resized for riders with a boot size of up to 36 (4).
  • The Hunter – made from solid aluminium with an aesthetically elegant look, with all the innovative comfort of Flex-on elastomers.

Tailored to the individual
Each style can be individually customized with a variety of options:

In the Aluminium range, riders can choose between Medium or Hard elastomers – the Medium elastomers are designed for most riders, including leisure and amateur competition riders, while the Hard elastomers are recommended for higher-level riders; those riding many horses each day; and riders above average height or weight.

There are three different footbeds to choose from:  the Inclined option is the most popular footbed, making up 80-85% of the global sales. It helps riders keep their heels down and improves balance and position. The Flat option is more popular with dressage riders, but is also ideal for riders with very flexible ankles.  For eventers who prefer to ride all disciplines with one pair of stirrups, the Mixed footbed is the ideal choice.

Customers also have a choice of tread choosing either the ridged plastic Grip or the Ultra-grip with the addition of metal spikes for added hold.  (The Junior Green Composite is only available with standard Grip tread). Although very hardwearing, the tread inserts can be replaced, making the stirrups a truly enduring purchase.

As well as the choices of style; colour; tread; grip; and elastomers, all Flex-on stirrups have decorative magnetic inserts, allowing the rider to choose from an almost endless number of colour combinations.

With a design focused on optimal shock absorption; grip; stability; and comfort, Flex-on stirrups are a real investment for any rider concerned with peak performance and the unique customisable features are sure to set them ahead of the competition.

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