Martin Collins launches TV ad campaign


British equestrian riding surfaces manufacturer Martin Collins Enterprises is launching a series of TV advertising campaigns and brand videos. This is the very first time an arena surface company has put together a cinematic extravaganza made specifically for the wide screen.

There is much buzz awaiting the release of this material and viewers will see an insight into why Jonjo O’Neil, Tess Carmichael, Laura Tomlinson, Dallas Burston Polo and James Fisher all put their trust in Martin Collins surfaces.

Filmed by Singularity Film, the score for the beautifully dramatic pieces was written and produced by Tom Hunt. Tom’s original compositions and musical arrangements are used by Carl Hester MBE and Charlotte Dujardin OBE and were a contributing factor to Valegro’s Olympic Gold medal winning Grand Prix Freestyle. Tom was selected for this project due to his synonymous musical style and ability to bring drama and passion to the movement of the sport horse.

The films depict how Martin Collins has a surface for any discipline – from racing to dressage, show jumping to Polo and even for the family pony.