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Exclusively distributed in the UK by Equi-vation, equiXTREME offers the very highest quality grooming and care products, and is ready to make its mark on the British equestrian market.

Providing advanced levels of care, the entire equiXTREME range has been specifically designed to meet the modern needs of the horse’s skin, hoof and coat as well as all leather items.

Challenging the formulations and ingredients traditionally used in equine care products, equiXTREME invests heavily in research and development to design more efficient, environmental friendly and modern products. Whenever possible, natural ingredients are used and the results are already proving popular.

Amongst the comprehensive range, the Vital White Shampoo is fast becoming a best seller, with customers noting its impressive effectiveness. The strong violet formula works in a similar way to the silver shampoo used on human blonde hair, which neutralises and removes yellow, green and brown tones.

Based on a range of natural ingredients, the Vital White Shampoo contains no bleaching agents. Especially designed for the needs of the horses’ skin, coat and hair, the shampoo has a balanced pH level as well as moisturising properties that ensure the horses skin won’t get irritated – making the shampoo suitable for daily use.

Also recording very healthy sales is the equiXTREME Skin Care Wound Balm. Developed to support the natural healing process of the horse’s skin, the balm contains purely natural ingredients to nourish, support and protect affected, damaged and irritated areas of skin. Including native olive oil, natural beeswax and essential herbal essences, it is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and acts as a natural barrier against contamination and environmental effects.

The rest of the range has also been quick to establish its position on the market, with sales reflecting growth thanks to the unique formulas and emphasis on correct care.

The saddlery products, (Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner and Leather Balsam) focus on maintaining the quality of the leather instead of simply treating the surface. Rather than using glycerine, which has been found to weaken the internal structure of leather tanned through modern processes, equiXTREME uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil and soy that are known for their conditioning properties.

Another standout, The Detangler, is applied by hand and easily detangles even the longest mane and tail, making it easy to comb without the risk of pulling out hair. Providing immediate results, it leaves no greasy residues and has the added bonus of conditioning the hands and nails of the horse owner.

With products designed to care for the horse from head to toe, the range benefits from an antibacterial hoof balm that nourishes the hoof, supports the natural horn growth and protects from environmental influences to keep the hoof structure in best possible condition. Focused again on natural products, the Farrier’s Hoof Balm contains acid free oils to keep the horn elastic as well as antibacterial agent eucalyptus to help prevent thrush and white lines disease.

Keeping the end consumer in mind, equiXTREME provides a show kit packed with all the essentials necessary for ‘on the day’ touch-ups – making a great ‘add on’ buy for any retailer. Stored in a useful, attractive pouch, the show kit contains a bag of silicone plaiting bands, sponge, tack cleaner, tack conditioner, fly spray and supershine hair polish. Not only does such a kit form an essential piece of kit for the competitive rider, it doubles up as an excellent gift, giving retailers great flexibility when marketing and selling.

Stockists can be confident when stocking the equiXTREME range thanks to the in-depth consumer research undertaken by the brand. Tested and trialled by different target groups, all the products surpassed expectation and Equi-vation found the users truly appreciated the advanced and logical approach to horse, hoof, leather and health care.

Focused on ensuring the end user has all the information on how to apply the products correctly, consumer can put their trust in the equiXTREME brand and the product efficiency will no doubt result in return purchases.

Offering excellent margins, POS materials and a great stocking support network, retailers interested in acquiring these easy to use and effective products are actively invited to become stockists.


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