Back to basics with boots


Seasoned owners and riders know that horse boots aren’t a luxury item – nor are they designed for fashion (although many are stylish and chic). They are produced to protect the horse’s legs and as such they are an essential investment.

Back on Track

Back on Track Quick Wraps Royal

Turnout/veterinary/therapy | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black | RRP: £79.00

Back on Track Quick Wraps Royal are made from hi-tech Welltex fabric, which is infused with ceramic particles that reflect a far infrared ray. The far infrared ray increases circulation, which can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury. The Quick Wraps Royal can aid recovery after exercise and keep legs warm in the stable or whilst travelling. The Wraps are designed to ensure a neat fit around the fetlock and down to the coronet, while the soft padded wrap has an extra thick neoprene outer.

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Cavallo Horse & Rider

Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot

Barefoot| Sizes: 0 – 6 | Colours: Black, Red | RRP: £75.00 per boot

The Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot is the most flexible, durable, breathable and user friendly addition to the Cavallo hoof boot collection. Featuring an ultra flexible Pro Mesh Moulded TPU upper, the honeycomb design maximizes strength and minimizes weight for comfortable performance, while the built in side drainage slots keep the boot from absorbing excess water. Available individually, the boot has a reflective, replaceable Velcro closure that is simple to use when putting the boot on or taking it off.

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Exercise/competition | Sizes: One size | Colours: Yellow, Red-Orange, Pink | RRP: £15.99

The Mercury leg boots add an extra level of visibility to horses during the day and in the evening by utilising the properties of a superbly reflective mercury material. With the added bonus of strips of fluorescent fabric, these boots are fully adjustable with hook/loop fastening. Available in one size, they can be fitted over brushing boots or adjusted to the desired size. Machine washable at 30 degrees and easy to dry, caring for these boots is very simple.


Exercise/competition | Sizes: One size |  Colours: Yellow, Red-Orange, Pink, Polite | RRP: £12.99 per pair

Suitable for fitting over brushing boots, these quilted leg boots are made from a strong and durable, yet soft, fluorescent waterproof fabric with two inch reflective bands stitched across the top. They can be washed in the washing machine or by using a bucket of water, and come out looking brand new each time. The leg boots are one size and completely adjustable – they can fit an 11.2hh pony and go up to 17hh, with the excess fastening simply cut off.

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B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd

Elico Ceramic Memory Foam Tendon Boots

Exercise/competition | Sizes: M, L, XL | Colours: Black | RRP: from £53.95

The Elico Ceramic Memory Foam Tendon boots have a toughened outer shell with a super-quality memory foam inner that has a bonded ceramic lining. The lining reflects body heat back as infrared, which helps with blood circulation, muscle tension and inflammation. Shaped at the top and bottom of the outer shell to give greater flexibility of movement, this boot has three strong elastic straps with brass buckles that ensure a secure fitting. Matching Fetlock boots are also available.

Elico Memory Foam Brushing Boots

Exercise/competition | Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colours: Black | RRP: from £28.95

Extremely lightweight, the Elico Memory Foam Brushing Boots are made from memory foam and have a moulded strike pad. With recessed stitching and Velcro straps, the boot is durable and well suited for all manner of equestrian disciplines. The velcro straps have double fastening and are elasticated for a secure fitting, with the small and medium boots offering two fastening straps, while the large and extra-large have three.

Elico Tendon Boots (with Memory Foam Lining)

Exercise/competition | Sizes: M, L, XL | Colours: Black | RRP: from £31.50

The Elico Tendon Boots are well-shaped and fit comfortably to a horse leg. Shaped at the top and bottom of the outer shell to give greater flexibility of movement,m the boots feature a toughened outer shell with a memory foam lining to provide the maximum protection at areas that are at risk of bruising and injury. Two, strong Velcro straps with double fastening, and double elasticated provide a secure fitting. Matching Fetlock Boots are also available.

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New Equine Wear

Brushing Boot Fleece

Exercise/competition | Sizes: S, M, M wide, L | Colours: Brown, Black, White | RRP: Fronts: £61.50, Hinds: £71.50

These brushing boots offer supreme comfort with a design that features a unique internal strike pad, which absorbs shock but cannot become unstitched. The deep, soft, quick drying fleece lining provides maximum comfort and the best barrier to keep out dirt. The extra high duty outer covering provides strength and a very long life. Machine washable at a low heat, these boots are recommended for all recreational riding offering comfort and protection during exercise or turn out.

X-Country ‘Airoflow’ boot

Exercise/competition | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black | RRP: Fronts: £83.50, Hinds: £89.50

A unique ground-breaking design, offering a new dimension in leg cooling, protection and comfort. This boot doesn’t just breathe, it ‘ventilates’ large volumes of air in a constant flow, to keep the leg cooler during strenuous work. Made from tough mesh on the outside and a comfortable but strong, free-flow foam lining on the inside, the design also incorporates an immensely strong, splinter-proof tendon and cannon bone guards. This boot is truly unique – the harder the horse is working, the greater the flow of cooling air.

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Treehouse Sporting Colours

Aerochill Boots

Turnout/veterinary/therapy | Sizes: S, M, L |  Colours: Blue | RRP: £41.95

The BETA Innovation Award winning Aerochill Cooling Boots use evaporative cooling to help increase recovery time, cool body tissue and regulate outer thermal temperature. Aerochill products use a non-toxic, super-absorbent polymer fibre, and are designed to the shape of a horses’ leg to help support and reduce typical after work swelling. Suitable for front and hind legs, the boots are quilted to ensure that evaporation and cooling occurs over a longer period of time. The boots can be re-activated by soaking in cold water.

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WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots

Travel | Sizes: Pony – Warmblood | Colours: Black, Navy/Red/White | RRP: £69.99

The WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots are durable and strong, featuring 1200 denier outer protection, along with a dense foam inner and nylon lining for comfort. Designed with extra length for combined knee and hock protection, the WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots feature strong PVC strike pads around the bottom and an additional strike pad on the hock point. The designed is completed with three easy to use touch tape closures.

WeatherBeeta Eventing Front Boots

Exercise/competition | Sizes: Cob, Full | Colours: Black, White | RRP: £44.99

Easy to care for, the WeatherBeeta Eventing Front Boots have a waterproof outer along with strong, durable and secure double touch tape closures. The micro perforated neoprene lining is fully breathable and doesn’t carry water – ensuring the boot stays continuously lightweight and comfortable for the horse. The tough and flexible strike pads offer added protection against knocks and brushes, giving riders complete peace of mind.

WeatherBeeta Fleece Bandage 4 Pack

Exercise/competition | Sizes: 3.5m | Colours: Black, Grey, Navy, White | RRP: £20.99

WeatherBeeta Fleece Bandage 4 Pack offers extra protection for the horses’ legs. Comprising of a high-quality fleece fabric, which contains strong anti-pilling properties, this handy set of bandages is made from 100% polyester ensuring durability and strength.

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