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Exclusively distributed in the UK by Battles, JCB Paint has launched a new commercial and domestic weatherproof paint that is set for success in the equestrian market. Versatile and Supertough, JCB Paint offers flame protection on a single application and can be used externally and internally all over a yard including stables, barns, feed rooms, tack rooms, arenas and fencing.

Invented in the UK, JCB Paint doesn’t just improve the decorative appeal of a building, it also creates a barrier to protect the integrity of its surfaces. The Supertough paint works on virtually any surface that can be found in a yard – wood, masonry, metal, concrete, plastic and brick.

Animal friendly: Water-based and made from high quality ingredients, JCB Paint is purposely created in such a manner to ensure animals will not get unwell if they ingest it. This may be of particular interest to customers with horses that tend to crib bite, but they needn’t worry when using JCB Paint – the horse will feel no ill effects from chewing on wood coated in this unique formula.

Weather protection: Containing a unique PU co-polymer ingredient that has been specifically formulated to make the paint impervious and non-penetrable to weather, this paint ensures that the exterior of a building will not feel the adverse effects of UV rays from the sun or pollutants in the air.

Flame retardant: JCB Paint starts to expel moisture when it heats up and in conjunction with other fire safety features, can help delay the time it takes for a fire to spread, providing valuable time to evacuate the yard. For optimum fire retardancy, the paint requires just two coats.

Mould resistant: Both damp and mould are prevented through use of JCB Paint as the barrier it creates prevents moisture from seeping into the protected surface.

Stain resistant: The paint is not affected by either hydrophobic (oil based) or hydrophilic (water based) stains, ensuring it retains a freshly painted appearance for longer.

Water resistant: The paint does not retain water and dries quickly, minimising the effect of rain, sleet or snow – must have properties with the inclement British weather.

Washable: A particularly useful feature of this paint is that it is washable. With horse owners more aware of the dangers associated with unhygienic environments, this essential feature means the paint can be easily washed with water and disinfectant without it affecting the look or protective barrier of the surface.

10-year guarantee: Confident in the ability of the product, JCB Paint provides a firm guarantee on its paint. Not only does this provide the retailer with confidence when stocking the product, it also ensures customers is assured that the product will outperform all competitors.

Planet friendly: The company is committed to producing products that are kind to the environment and as such, is ISO 14001 accredited. In addition, the Supertough paint is packaged in a unique ‘bag-in-a-tub’ design that is easy to use and what’s more, the outer tub is fully recyclable, or the user can peel off the labels and reuse it as a handy container.

No matter the use, JCB Paint has a colour to suit. The range includes black, white, grey, cream, country red, red, country green, green, brown, yellow, blue and orange, so customers can keep things simple and subtle or go bright and bold.

Product benefits:

  • JCB Paint meets and exceeds Fire Safety building regulations for commercial yards undergoing building work.
  • JCB Paint is the complete paint solution – it acts as a primer and top coat combined.
  • It does not require specialist equipment or safety PPE for application.
  • It is easy and versatile to apply by use of a brush, roller or spray.

With excellent customer service and continuous marketing backing, JCB Paint is committed to its retailers and will assist throughout the selling process. Having developed a range of instore marketing collateral and POS material, there is every confidence that stockists will get an excellent return on their investment.

For retailers interested in stocking JCB Paint, please contact Battles on +44 (0)1522 529206, or email [email protected] For more information about the products, visit:

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