Under the saddle: saddle pads, girths and leathers


As we’ve discussed time and time again, a correctly fitted saddle is fundamental for performance and comfort. Yet when paired with the wrong saddle pad, numnah or girth, a perfectly fitted saddle becomes useless.

As featured in the June issue of Let’s Talk Products, this selection of saddle pads, girths and leathers will set you on the right track for supplying your customers.

Apollo Air (Distributed by Ollard Westcombe)

Close Contact Comfort Quilt

Saddle Pads | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, White | RRP: £35.00 | Made in Britain

The Apollo Air Close Contact Comfort Quilt saddle pad offers everyday comfort pad with its high wither swan neck that is designed to take pressure off the wither. These pads are highly breathable and help keep the horse cool during exercise. With a deep quilt, the Close Contact Comfort Quilt offers impact protection and comfort. In addition, it is machine washable and very quick drying.

Apollo Air Girth

Girths | Sizes: 22” – 60″ | Colours: Black | RRP: £29.95 | Made in Britain

Made in the UK, this girth is soft and padded but also completely breathable. Crafted from an ultra-soft breathable girth for unparalleled comfort, the Apollo Air Girth is carbon treated to keep bad odours at bayand antibacterial to stop infections spreading. With a soft, shaped breathable Apollo Air outer, the girthwicks away sweat from the horse during exercise. The Apollo Air Girth is also available with elastic both ends or no elastic.

Multi Riser with Devonian Lambswool

Half Pads | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, Brown, White | RRP: £85.00 | Made in Britain

Apollo Air Multi-Risers have three different pockets on either side, each containing three breathable shims. This makes 18 adjustable air inserts allowing the front, middle and rear section to be risen or lowered to three different thicknesses. This allows great versatility with small alterations creating the perfect fit every time. The inserts are made of Apollo Air mesh that alleviates pressure points and keeps the horse cool when being exercised.

Professional Exercise Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, White | RRP: £59.95 | Made in Britain

The Apollo Air Professional Exercise Pad is an innovative addition to Ollard Westcombe’s ever expanding equestrian range. The spineless construction is favoured by back specialists as it allows the free movement of the horse’s spine. Great for horses with sensitive backs, high withers or horses prone to sweating up, it features high compression, deep Apollo padding along the back and comes with retaining straps and a protective pad over the girth loops.

Professional Half pad

Half Pads | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, Brown, White | RRP: £59.00 | Made in Britain

Designed to offer a high compression performance, the Apollo Air range relieves pressure and tension on the horses back, moulding to the horse’s individual shape further improving comfort and performance. The Professional half pad has the added benefit of a swan neck to take pressure off the wither. Quick drying and machine washable, the pad is 100% breathable and has an air insert that works in harmony with the horse.

Professional Race Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: L | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £89.00 | Made in Britain

Made using material manufactured in the UK, Apollo Air was the first completely breathable saddlepad that offers unparalleled impact protection and wicks sweat away like no other pad. Developed for use with race saddles but equally at home with a standard GP or jump saddle, the Professional Race Padhas a high swan neck that sits up off the withers and a strong protective pad protecting beneath the girth straps to stop the girth from chaffing. Machine washable and quick drying.

BREATHE GP Saddlecloth

Saddle Pads | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Black, Royal, Red | RRP: £25.00

The BREATHE GP Saddlecloth is a completely breathable, machine washable saddlecloth. Designed with comfort in mind, the GP cut saddlecloth is cut with a classic high swan neck to take pressure of the wither. Made with a traditional diamond quilt using the latest technology, the BREATHE GP Saddlecloth keeps horses cool and comfortable during exercise.

Ollard Westcombe | +44 (0)2844 617557 | ollardwestcombe.co.uk

Back on Track UK

Saddle Pad No.1 Jumping

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Cob, Full, XFull | Colours: Black, White, Navy | RRP: £64.00

Innovative design and ergonomically shaped with a generous cut across the withers and the back, the padding is made of 600g cotton and 200g Welltex. The ceramic particles in the Welltex fabric reflect a naturally occurring far infrared ray back into the soft tissue. The body responds positively to this ray, increasing circulation which can support suppleness through the back muscle. It provides good breathability, shock absorption and distribution of pressure. This timeless saddle pad is now available in navy.

Back on Track UK| +44 (0)7766 463099 | backontrack.com

B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd

Elico Abingdon Half Pad

Half Pads | Sizes: One Size | Colours: Black | RRP: £69.95

This shaped half pad is made from memory foam, offering users the well-known, shock absorbing properties in a half pad that distributes pressure evenly. The Elico Abingdon Half Pad has 26cm girth straps at the front (not shown) and shaped non-slip pads on both sides to ensure the saddle stays in the same position on the pad and gives good shock absorbency when in use. Supplied with a zipper bag with carry handles.

Elico Henley Jumping Saddle Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: One Size | Colours: Black | RRP: £89.95

This shaped pad is ideal for jumping disciplines due to its design featuring a breathable padded mesh outer and textured underside. The Elico Henley Jumping Saddle Pad has 26cm girth straps, at the top (not shown) as well as the girth loops at the bottom and shaped non-slip pads on the topsides. These features all work together to keep the saddle in a consistent position as well as provide good shock absorption.

Elico Memory Foam Girths

Girths | Sizes: 38” – 56” | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP £35.95

This memory foam girth is manufactured with a strong nylon knit facing fabric and stainless steel buckles, which gives a complete freedom of movement without binding and should stay in place as they are designed to conform and fit correctly. Features a memory foam inner, allowing the girth to follow the contours of the horse’s body perfectly and ensure comfort during training and competition. Elasticated at both ends with self-locating, spring-loaded, stainless steel roller buckles for ease-of-use.

B Jenkinson & Sons Ltd | +44 (0)1924 454681 | jenkinsonsequestrian.co.uk

B Vertigo (Distributed by Horze)

B Vertigo Montana Saddle Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full | Colours: White, Dark Blue (plus two new seasonal colours per year) | RRP: £47.99

With a quick dry fabric lining to keep the horse dry and comfortable, the B Vertigo Montana Saddle Pad features fur underneath the numnah to protect the withers. With a wide, wave-like quilted pattern and triple-piped edges, this stylish yet functional pad has hook-and-loop fasteners and is 100% cotton twill. Available in sizes pony, cob and full, the B Vertigo Montana Saddle Pad keeps horses cool and comfortable no matter the discipline.

Horze | +44 (0)7824 387643 | b2b.finntack.com

Cameo (Distributed by Ollard Westcombe)

Cushion web girth

Girths | Sizes: 16” – 62” | Colours: Black, Brown, White | RRP: £7.95 | Made in Britain

Strong yet soft, the Cushion web girth from Cameo is designed to wick sweat away from the horse. Made with strong but flexible webbing, this is a good value girth users can trust. Manufactured in Northern Ireland using products manufactured in the UK, the girth is available with elastic at one end or both.

Waffle Girth

Girths | Sizes: 36” – 56” | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £19.95

This anti-chafe contours waffle girth is made with a material that encourages airflow. Shaped for freedom around the elbows, the Waffle Girth by Cameo features roller buckles for easy tightening. The girth is elasticated at both ends and has a handy martingale attachment.

Ollard Westcombe | +44 (0)2844 617557 | ollardwestcombe.co.uk

EcoRider (Distributed by Ollard Westcombe)

Elegance Dressage Girth

Girths | Sizes: 22” – 28” | Colours: Black | RRP: £99.95

Designed to suit the anatomy of the horse, the Elegance Dressage Girth by EcoRider is crafted to help prevent the saddle from being pulled down onto the withers or sliding backward. Designed for use with a dressage saddle, this girth is shaped and softly padded to provide maximum comfort to even the most sensitive horse. With elastic at both ends, the Elegance Dressage Girth has stainless steel roller buckles.

Freedom Girth

Girths | Sizes: 44” – 58” | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £99.00

The ergonomic shape of this girth is designed to help prevent the saddle from sliding backwards or being pulled down onto the withers. The EcoRider Freedom Girth is designed for use with any saddle that has short girth straps. This girth is shaped and softly padded, giving maximum comfort to even the most sensitive horse. Elasticated at both ends, the girth is completed with stainless steel, no rust roller buckles.

Ollard Westcombe | +44 (0)2844 617557 | ollardwestcombe.co.uk


Equithème Polyfil Epais Saddle Pad

Saddle pads | Sizes: Full, Dressage | Colours: Variety with contrast piping | RRP: Full – £27.90, Dressage – £28.90

A classic saddle pad with contrasting double braiding around the edge. The pad features wave quilting in thick 600g/m2 padding, with shock absorbing effects for comfort under the saddle. Features include self-gripping straps and girth loops. Crafted in a wide range of colours, the full saddle pad is available in white, silvery/white, anthracite, turquoise/white, black, grey/white, choco, camel/white, navy and purple/white. The dressage pad is offered in white, silvery/white, black, grey/white, navy and purple/white.

Ekkia (Equithème Brand) | +33 (0)388 074001 | ekkia.co.uk

Eskadron (Distributed by Shaws Equestrian)

Eskadron Cotton Saddlecloth   

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony (GP, Dressage), Full (GP/Jumping, Dressage, Cut-Away) | Colours: White, Navy, Black, Dark Green, Grey, Cream, Chilli Red, Dark Red, Chocolate | RRP: from £23.95

One of Eskadron’s most enduring staples with a very accessible price, this is the ‘go-to’ no-nonsense saddlecloth for the professional and amateur rider alike. Perfect for competition or training, Eskadron’s non-bulky quilted Cotton Saddlecloth is skin-friendly and robust. It wicks away moisture and is machine washable for ease of use. Ideal for embroidery as a club/sponsor saddlecloth, all the colour options are also available with silver or gold cord trim.

Eskadron Saddle Cover

Covers | Sizes: One Size | Colours: Black | RRP: £23.95

Available in black, the Eskadron Saddle Cover allows riders to effectively protect and prevent damage to their saddles when in transit or left in the tack room. The hard-wearing saddle cover is designed to be durable and has the added benefit of being fleece lined to further protect the saddle. Elasticated to fit any standard saddle of any discipline, the Eskadron Saddle Cover makes for an excellent add-on sale.

Shaws Equestrian | +44 (0)1335 370737 | shawsequestrian.com

First Thought Equine Ltd

Wow Korrector

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Medium, Large | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £240 | Made in Britain

Wow Korrector uses air and foam technology to give full control of the saddle fit on one or more horses. Korrector can be used with saddles that fit or with saddles that don’t fit because they are too wide or out of balance. Korrector has a unique Gullet Locking Plate, which prevents the saddle pad from being pulled taut across the spine. All cloths are cut for high withers and have front ties, alleviating any pressure in these areas.

Wow Soft H Girth

Girths | Sizes: 20” – 46” (10” or 12” sternum plate) | Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Nutmeg, Military, Oakwood, Umber | RRP: From £250 | Made in Britain

The WOW Soft H Girth disperses pressure over the sternum, promoting better movement in front and comfortably keeping the saddle in place on horses with a forward girth groove, without over-tightening. The three main elements of sternum plate and two straps are interchangeable, so the front and back straps can be different lengths to suit the needs of the horse’s conformation. The girths can be made to order to match the rider’s saddle or colours.

Wow Soft Straight Girth

Girths | Sizes: 20” – 34” | Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Nutmeg, Military, Oakwood, Umber | RRP: £135 | Made in Britain

The WOW Soft Straight Girth is designed for horses that have forward girth grooves as it rolls around the elbow, protecting it rather than sitting into the girth groove with a hard edge. Thin and flexible, it is also an excellent girthing option for horses with sensitive skin who tend to rub easily. A loop and D ring are optional extras, for attachment of breastplates and martingales.

Wow Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers | Sizes: 18” – 32” | Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Nutmeg, Military, Oakwood, Umber | RRP: £88 | Made in Britain

Wow Stirrup Leathers are designed to provide just a single thickness and no buckle under the thigh, for minimal bulk and maximum comfort. The core is made of Biothane with a breaking strain of 500Kg – being synthetic, it will not stretch. The comprehensive choice of lengths ensures that riders can select the one which results for them in the buckle lying below the bottom of the flap, preventing chafing on the rider’s leg or the saddle.

Wow Supercool Half Pad

Half Pads | Sizes: 16”, 17”, 18”, 19” | Colours: White, Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Scarlet, Dark Red | RRP: £56 | Made in Britain

WOW Supercool Half Pads are made from a 3D spacer fabric that keeps a layer of air between the saddle and the horse, allowing sweat to wick away and evaporate, keeping the horse dry. The Wow Supercool Half Pad’s thin profile minimises bulk under the saddle and for good measure, the fabric also has anti-bacterial properties. Available in a selection of colours, the half pad comes with either black or white wool.

WOW Supercool Saddlecloths

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Medium, Large | Colours: White, Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Scarlet, Dark Red | RRP: £75 | Made in Britain

WOW Supercool Saddlecloths are made from a 3D spacer fabric that keep a layer of air between the saddle and the horse, allowing sweat to wick away and evaporate, resulting in the horse staying dry. Available in a range of colours and in dressage, GP or jumping cuts, the thin profile means that the saddle fit is not disturbed. Easily rinsed clean under a hose, the fabric also has anti-bacterial properties.

First Thought Equine Ltd | +44 (0)1227 831614 | korrector.com


TechniTrim Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, X-Full | Colours: Black with Turquoise, Lime, Purple or Orange trim | RRP: £29.99

This pad offers a very soft, supple fabric that alleviates rubbing in common areas during the shedding period. Crafted from a soft cotton fabric overlay with a medium weight infill, the TechniTrim Saddle Pads help with pressure and offer more under-saddle support. Underneath is a specific technical inner lining that provides a moisture-wicking action. With polyester fibres to improve breathability, the advanced fabric has also been blended to provide an anti-slip action.

HORZEHOODS LTD | +44 (0)1614 807333 | horzehoods.com

HRP Equestrian

GP Dual WINGS Square

Saddle pads | Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full | Colours: White, Black, Navy | RRP: from £74

Voted ‘Best in Test’ by Horse & Rider magazine, the GP Dual WINGS Square offers an elegant and efficient fit without bulk. Allowing the horse to lift its back and move with more relaxation and suppleness, this general-purpose pad helps prevent localised over-heating and reduces the formation of moisture and sweat. Breathable and anti-microbial, the pad features a contoured wither profile for comfort and is scientifically proven to exert zero pressure behind the saddle.


Saddle pads | Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full | Colours: White, Black, Navy | RRP: from £74

The BETA Innovation award winning Jump MONO WING combines eye-catching design with excellent fit. The quality plain cotton diamonds give a smart competition look, while the Velcro fastenings facilitate easy use and peace of mind. The technologically advanced lightweight wicking fabric has a suede effect inner, which creates a non-slip effect, eliminating the need for two pads. The durable saddle pad protects vulnerable areas prone to discomfort, whilst ensuring maximum reduction of local muscle strain, over-heating and fatigue.

HRP Equestrian | +44 (0)2078 594393 | hrpequestrian.com


Pro-Sorb Memory Foam Half Pad

Half pads | Sizes: Large | Colours: Black, Grey, Navy | RRP: £69.95

Featuring advanced thermo memory foam that encourages the saddle to ‘bed down’, the effect anatomically contours the horse’s back for effective shock absorption and pressure distribution, which allows for closer contact. To enable more saddle fitting options, eight closed cell adjustment shims are included. The ProSorb Memory foam pad can be used with or without the shims making it a flexible dual-purpose half pad, and is suitable for use with close contact, GP and dressage saddles.

ProSport Classic Square

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Large | Colours: Benetton Blue, Corn Blue, Navy, Plum, White (Dressage) / Benetton Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Navy, White (Jump) | RRP: £42.50

This new range of dressage and jumping pads are cut to suit modern competition saddles. Crafted from lighter weight gsm to increase the softness and flexibility, the pads feature friction-free lycra binding. Including the signature LeMieux high wither design, the new look is complimented by a subtly contrasting suede binding and colour co-ordinated lower girth keepers, which include inner locking loops. Finished with elasticated d-ring attachments, the popular Bamboo lining effectively manages heat and sweat under the saddle.

Horse Health Trade | +44 (0)2380 814360 | horsehealthtrade.co.uk

Jumpers Horse Line (Distributed by Westgate EFI)

JHL Super Faux Sheepskin Saddle Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: One size | Colours: Black, White | RRP: £31.50

Designed with the horse’s comfort in mind, the JHL Super Faux Sheepskin Saddle Pad is part-lined with luxurious faux sheepskin.Offering superior levels of comfort and protection from rubbing, this saddle pad is ideal for competition as well as everyday use. Also available as a half pad, the JHL Super Faux Sheepskin Saddle Pad is machine washable on a cool cycle, making it easy to maintain too.

Westgate EFI | +44 (0)1772 754844 (Trilanco) | wefi.co.uk

John Whitaker International


Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony/Cob, Full | Colours: Blue Heaven, Fuchsia, Red Orange | RRP: £30

This 100% cotton pad is available in a choice of bright colours – perfect for adding a splash of colour to saddle pad stock. Available in pony/cob or full size, the Upton Saddle Pad cushioning is made from a high density 5mm foam, which has then been topped with a 280g Synthermax fibre fill for superior comfort and protection against rubbing. Matching fly veils are also available to complete the overall image.


Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony/Cob, Full | Colours: Black with Gold, Navy with Silver | RRP: £35

This satin effect pad is available in a choice of two colours with metallic effect binding, metallic embroidery and three elegant diamantes – this pad will add sophistication to any rider wardrobe. The cushioning is made from a high density 5mm foam that is then topped with a 240g Synthermax fibre fill inside a diamond quilted outer. Stylish and comfortable for the horse, there is also a matching fly veil, headcollar and bandages on offer in the Thornton Collection.


Saddle Pads | Sizes: Full | Colours: Black, Navy, Burgundy | RRP: £35

Offered in a selection of subtle and stylish colours, the Eldwick Multi-purpose saddle cloth features diagonal quilting as well as a large metallic embroidered design with diamantes that catches the eye both when the product is on the shelf, or in use under saddle. Available in full size only, the vertical quilting has 360g Fibre Fill, which absorbs shock and cushions the saddle during use.

John Whitaker International | +44 (0)1706 340500 | whitakeruk.com

Legacy Equestrian

Legacy Dressage Saddle Cloth 

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony/Cob, Full | Colours: White, Grey, Brown, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Lilac, Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Mint | RRP: £26.96

Machine washable and featuring a high wither design for optimum fit, the Legacy Dressage Saddle Cloth is manufactured using a premium grade cotton twill. Featuring elasticated straps and available in eleven different colours, the saddle cloth has a wicking polyester fill as well as a 1680D anti-rub panel, which ensures the horse remains comfortable. Available in two sizes, the saddle cloth is suitable for competition or everyday use and the contoured fit helps prevent any rubbing.

Legacy GP Saddle Cloth 

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Pony/Cob, Full | Colours: White, Grey, Brown, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Lilac, Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Mint | RRP: £26.96

Available in a vast selection of colours, the Legacy GP Saddle Cloth is manufactured using a premium quality cotton twill and a wicking polyester fill. The Velcro adjustable straps along with the 1680D anti-rub panel ensures the saddle cloth is both durable and comfortable. Perfect for everyday and competition use, the high wicking effect of the fill ensures heat and moisture is drawn away from the horse and for ease of use, the saddle cloth is machine washable.

Legacy Equestrian | +44 (0)1494 714527 | legacy-equestrian.co.uk

Mark Todd Collection (Distributed by Westgate EFI)

Mark Todd Ergo GP Competition Saddle Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Full | Colours: Mosaic Blue, Black, Grey, White, Navy | RRP: £32.99

Offering superior levels of comfort and protection, this ergonomically designed saddle pad has a mesh spine for improved airflow, while the cut-away shape helps reduce overheating during exertion, yet still allows space for competition numbers or team embroidery. Other features include reinforced girth loops and front strap fastenings which attach to the saddle’s d-rings for secure positioning and quick, easy fitting. A jump style of the Mark Todd Ergo GP Competition Saddle Pad is also available.

Westgate EFI | +44 (0)1772 754844 (Trilanco) | marktoddcollection.co.uk


Collegiate Anatomic Girth

Girths | Sizes: 38” – 56” | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £49.99

Crafted from a durable synthetic material, the Collegiate Anatomic Girth is lightweight, non-galling and has the added benefit of being easy to care for. The internal elastic provides comfortable fit in addition to allowing complete freedom of movement, all the while keeping the saddle securely in place. Featuring stainless steel roller buckets for easy use, the Collegiate Anatomic Girth comes in a vast range of sizes and is available in black or brown.

Collegiate Luxe Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers | Sizes: 43” – 63” | Colours: Black, Brown | RRP: £74.99

Hand crafted from high quality European leather, the Collegiate Luxe Stirrup Leathers from WeatherBeeta feature a soft and supple core. Thanks to the inclusion of webbing, the stirrup leathers are protected against stretching. Able to conform to the leg, the Collegiate Luxe Stirrup Leathers help to promote seamless contact as well as exceptional comfort.

WeatherBeeta Memory Foam Comfort Half Pad

Half Pads | Sizes: Small, Large | Colours: White, Black | RRP: £34.99

The WeatherBeeta Memory Foam Comfort Half Pad is a soft and breathable anti-slip pad that is designed to provide extra protection to the withers and back. Available in small and large sizes, in black and white, this half pad offers superior shock absorption that distributes pressure evenly. Both anti-microbial and anti-fungal, the WeatherBeeta Memory Foam Comfort Half Pad is also quick drying and can assist with saddle fit.

WeatherBeeta Prime Dressage Saddle Pad

Saddle Pads | Sizes: Full | Colours: Black, Denim, Maroon, Navy, Paradise Pink, Purple Penant, Turquoise, White | RRP: £29.99

The WeatherBeeta Prime Dressage Saddle Pad is a durable cotton pad with a wick easy lining to help keep horses cool, dry and comfortable. Featuring a breathable mesh spine for extra airflow as well as a PVC-covered girth patch for added durability and comfort. The high wither design allows for extra clearance between the withers and saddle pad, reducing the possibility of rubbing or irritation. Matching bandages and ear bonnet are also available.

WeatherBeeta | +44 (0)1295 226905 | weatherbeeta.co.uk

Veredus (via Zebra Products)

Veredus colour edition saddlecloth

Saddle Pad | Sizes: One size | Colours: Black, Brown, White | RRP: £63

The Veredus colour edition saddlecloth is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester with a special breathable lining that absorbs sweat. The thickness of the pad also helps to absorb pressure from the saddle while riding. Available in three subtle shades, the saddlecloth has a variety of coloured edging choices, including Bordeaux, light blue, light pink, ivory, pink and red. Matching boots and fly fringe are also available.

Zebra Products | +44 (0)1352 763350 | zebraproducts.co.uk