From the waist down


Everyday essentials or special items saved for competition only, much of the rider’s wardrobe is made up of what goes on their legs. As featured in the July issue of Let’s Talk Products, this selection of jodhpurs, breeches, socks and underwear will help set you up for success.


Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 22 – 36 (Regular and Long) | Colours: Beige, Navy, White | Materials: 75% nylon, 25% spandex | RRP: £110.00

The latest addition to Ariat’s breeches collection demonstrate style, substance and exceptional grip. Utilising a compressive fabric that is infused with Icefil cooling technology, the Tri Factor Breeches include knee patches made from Ariat’s innovative and flexible Hex Silicone Grip plus a host of other design innovations including V3 Fit System at the waist, Calf Fit System, Moisture Movement Technology and Core Control. The mid-weight stretch knit fabric is versatile and comfortable – providing total freedom of movement.

Ariat | +44 (0)1367 242818 |


Burlington Hackney and Burlington Shetland

Socks | Ladies, Men’s | Sizes: 36-41 (Ladies), 40-46 (Men’s) | Colours: Black, Grey, Brown, Blue | Materials: 55% cotton, 26% polyamide, 19% polypropylene | RRP: £16

Burlington has come up with a sock that enhances the properties of the classic argyle knee-high to fulfil riders’ requirements. The collection includes the Burlington Equestrian Knee-high made from combed cotton with an extended cuff for comfortable fit. The plush sole has plush pads up to the ankle, supplemented with over-the-toe plush for extra-special wearing comfort. An additional elastic band at the ankle prevents slippage and the sock will be available in classic colours black, brown, grey and marine.

Burlington | +44 (0)80022 033022 |

Cavallo (distributed by Zebra Products Ltd)

Cavallo Basic Long Socks Multi Dot

Socks | Ladies, Men’s | Sizes: 34-43 | Colours: Sapphire, Red Chilli, Graphite | Materials: 68% polyamide, 30% cotton, 2% spandex | RRP: £14.50

The Cavallo Ladies Basic Long Socks Multi Dot Graphite are designed specifically to suit horse riding as well as everyday wear, thanks to the padded ankle and heel protection. The thin leg provides a close contact with the horse, while the thicker sole provides additional warmth and comfort. Finished with a large Cavallo logo on the leg, the long socks ensure a snug fit with long riding boots.

Zebra Products Ltd | +44 (0)1352 763350 |


Premgripp Competition Technical Riding Socks

Socks | Ladies, Men’s | Sizes: 4-7 (37-41), 8-11 (42-46) | Colours: Honeysuckle Pink, Delph Blue, Navy, Steel Grey | Materials: 70% cotton, 20% nylon, 10% elastane | RRP: £19.99 | MADE IN BRITAIN

This elite Competition Sock range incorporates British innovation Premgripp, which can make the difference riders need to raise their game when in competition. This new generation of competition socks maximizes the contact between foot, boot and horse. The sock range is rooted in the Offset Foot Technology which marries offset grip areas inside and outside the sock ensuring full contact with the skin and the boots, preventing any slippage; enhancing balance within the stirrup.

Cool Socks Ltd | +44 (0)7904 891362 |

Derriere Equestrian Ltd

Derriere Equestrian Bonded Padded Shorty Female

Underwear | Ladies | Sizes: XS/S, M, L/XL | Colours: White, Black, Purple | Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthanne, X-Tract 80% polyamide, 20% elastomere (pad fabric), 100% polyurethane polyester (pad) | RRP: £46.99

The Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Shorty (DEPPP) is designed to eradicate seamlines visible through breeches and ensure no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions are created due to stitched seams. Incorporating the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System, leading the field in non-chaffing, abrasion free, padded stylish equestrian underwear that protects the perineal area from friction and the resultant discomfort. The technology used to design and produce the DEPPP incorporates bonding of fabrics, creating naked seams free of full stitching.

Derriere Equestrian Bonded Padded Shorty Male

Underwear | Men’s | Sizes: S, M, L/XL | Colours: White, Black, Purple | Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthanne, X-Tract 80% polyamide, 20% elastomere (pad fabric), 100% polyurethane polyester (pad) | RRP: £49.99

The Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Shorty (DEPPP) incorporates the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System (DEPSS), which has been scientifically developed and researched in both the UK and Italy, combining the knowledge of equine sports therapists, the world’s leading manufacturing team in cycle pad development and thoroughly researched equestrian rider requirements. The use of data from anatomical research studies, combined with perineal pressure studies led to the clarification of the design of the equestrian pads.

Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty

Underwear | Ladies | Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colours: White, Black, Nude, Purple | Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthanne, X-Tract 80% polyamide, 20% elastomere (pad fabric), 100% polyurethane polyester (pad) | RRP: £35.99

Winner of the Silver Innovations Award SPOGA Horse 2014, the Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty (DEPPP) is designed to eradicate rubbing, chaffing or any discomfort for the rider. The fabric selection for the bonded DEPPP is high end, luxury, sporting technology, from fabric suppliers in southern Italy. The content is a mix of polyamide and elasthanne, providing elegant, designer underwear that is soft, supportive, with the performance stretch needed for equestrian sports.

Derriere Equestrian Seamless Shorty Male and Female

Underwear | Children’s, Ladies, Men’s | Sizes: XS/S, M, L/XL | Colours: White, Black | Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthanne | RRP: £23.99 (Ladies) £26.99 (Men’s)

The Derriere Equestrian new Style DE SPORT Seamless Shorty has been designed to eradicate seamlines visible through breeches and ensure no rubbing. The waistband is integrated into the design, ensuring a fully stretch comfort fit through the waist with no restriction or discomfort for the wearer. The seamless shortys are designed for stretch, to fit and conform to the body’s natural shape, while the fabric finish for the seamless underwear is high end, luxury, sporting technology.

Derriere Equestrian Ltd | +44 (0)1386 853039 |


Dublin Cool-Tec Socks

Socks | Ladies | Sizes: One Size | Colours: Grey, Violet | Materials: 90% cotton, 8% nylon, 2% elastane | RRP: £6.50

With a ventilated design for moisture management as well as a heat control strip along the front keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable, the Dublin Cool-Tec Socks are crafted from a cotton-mix fabric for natural breathability. Lightweight, absorbent and with a soft texture, the socks feature a generous cuff opening ensures optimum positioning as well as padding from the toe to the heal for cushioned comfort and durability.

Dublin Elite Gel Full Seat Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 8-18 | Colours: Black, Navy, Sand, White | Materials: 93% nylon, 7% elastane | RRP: £99.99

Part of the new Distinction Collection, the Dublin Elite Gel Full Seat Breeches are crafted from engineered fabric for ultimate rider comfort, protection and flexibility. The Ezi-Grip gel full seat provides maximum grip while wearers are in the saddle – no matter the discipline – and the air-panel cuff offers a close fit without adding bulk. Finished with a dust resistant coating, the full seat breeches are available in a subtle colour range.

Dublin Performance Active Tight

Riding Tights | Ladies | Sizes: 8-18 | Colours: Black, Indigo, Navy, Sea Blue | Materials: 88% polyester, 12% elastane | RRP: £59.99

With super stretch properties, the Dublin Performance Active Tights provide four way stretch, comfort and maximum rider freedom. The PU silicon print design provides optimum grip and stability in the saddle, while the versatile side pocket keeps the wearers belongings close to hand and safe. A great staple piece for any rider’s wardrobe, the Dublin Performance Active Tights offer comfort and flexibility to allow the rider to achieve optimum performance.

Dublin Stocking Socks

Socks | Ladies | Sizes: One Size | Colours: Aqua, Indigo, Violet | Materials: 63% nylon, 29% polyester, 5% elastane | RRP: £5.99

Perfectly designed for use under long boots, the Dublin Stocking Socks are made from a thin stocking fabric for a close fit to ensure a close yet comfortable fit. Lightweight with double weave in the foot bed area for added strength, the socks are offered in a bright range of colours and the generous cuff opening ensures optimum fit.

Dublin Supa-Fit Gel Full Seat Jodhpurs

Jodhpurs | Ladies | Sizes: 6-18 | Colours: Black, Beige, Navy, White | Materials: 95% cotton, 5% elastane | RRP: £54.99

Part of the New Momentum Collection, the Dublin Supa-Fit Gel Full Seat Jodhpurs are a mid rise fit design that are made from a classic knit fabric for everyday value. Featuring an Ezi-Grip gel full seat for optimum security and hold in the saddle, the jodhpurs are completed by a hook and eye zip front closure and come in a range of subtle colours making them perfect for everyday or competition wear.

WeatherBeeta Group | +44 (0)1295 226900 |


Dressage Brief Plus

Underwear | Ladies | Sizes: XS – XL | Colours: White | Materials: 93% cotton, 7% Lycra | RRP: £20.95 | MADE IN BRITAIN

With a low leg style, the Dressage Brief Plus offer hip and pelvis support and integrated tummy support. Other features include a plush comfort 30mm waistband, soft binding to legs and seam free seat. With high level protection to the front fork and seat area, the briefs are padded throughout the front gusset and seat. The padded underwear is discreet, with 3mm specialist foam giving a truly cushioned ride, without visibility.

Grip Seat Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 24 – 32 | Colours: White, Black, Navy, Beige, Canary, Champagne, Coco | Materials: 95% cotton, 5% elastane | RRP: £62.50

Available in a wide range of colours, making them suitable for a range of disciplines, the Grip Seat Breeches from Equetech are continentally styled, perfect for showing and general riding with a unique grip to keep the rider’s bottom connected with the saddle. Featuring a super stretch with 5% elastane for ultimate stretch and shape retention, the breeches have a Lycra hem leg panel in addition to an opaque silicone dot grip to the seat.

Performance Socks

Socks | Ladies | Sizes: 3- 7, 7- 11 | Colours: Navy/Grey | Materials: cotton, nylon | RRP: £11.95

Perfect for use when wearing long boots, the Equetech Performance Socks feature a soft cotton foot in addition to a thin nylon leg – especially important for tight fitting boots or riding in warm weather. Featuring a strong hand sewn toe link and added Lycra for stretch and shape retention, the knee high Equetech Performance Socks come in packs of three and are machine washable.

Primo Bikini Briefs

Underwear | Ladies | Sizes: XS – XL | Colours: White, Black | Materials: 93% cotton, 7% Lycra | RRP: £15.75 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Crafted in a high leg style, the Primo Bikini Briefs from Equetech include a plush comfort 30mm waistband, soft binding to legs and seam free seat. Made in the UK, the briefs feature medium front protection, padded through the front gusset only with a cotton lined seat. Incorporating the latest design features and fabric technology to provide optimum comfort in the saddle, this padded underwear is discreet, with 3mm specialist foam, giving a truly cushioned ride, without visibility.

Stirrup Leather Belt

Belt | Unisex | Sizes: XS – XL | Colours: Plain Black, Blue, Grey, Tan, Suede, Black Patent | Materials: Leather | RRP: £32.95

Offered in a diverse selection of colours to suit every taste, this genuine leather belt features an Equetech exclusive stirrup buckle. 35mm in width, this is an exquisite belt that adds a stylish accent to any wardrobe, for competition and casual use. Available in sizes XS (70cm) to XL (110cm) – measurements are from the buckle to the middle hole – the Equetech Stirrup Leather Belt is perfect for dressage, show jumping and on the high street.

Equetech | +44 (0)1296 688966 |


Equithème Verona Breeches

Breeches | Ladies, Men’s, Children’s | Sizes: 34-44 (Ladies), 38-46 (Men’s), 10-16years (Children’s) | Colours: White/Light Grey, Grey/White, Black/Dark Grey, Navy/Beige (more colours available in Ladies and Children’s styles) | Materials: 60% cotton, 33% polyamide, 7% elasthan | RRP: £66.50 (Ladies), £71.50 (Men’s), £53.90 (Children’s)

Breathable and stretchy, the Equithème Verona Breeches are year-round breeches that have contrasted topstitching to contour the legs and create a colourful look. Featuring pockets to the front and faux press button pockets on the back, the breeches are finished off with decorative contrasted piping. The breeches are easy to slip on due to the double stretch in the lower leg, which also ensures they stay put without any discomfort.

Ekkia | +33 (0)388 074006 |



Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 32-44 | Colours: Navy, White, Beige, Chocolate, Black, Camel | Materials: 92% nylon, 8% polyurethane | RRP: £120.80

Featuring Fix System technology that runs along the inside of the knee offering an exceptional level of knee grip in all climates including wet weather, the Jalisca breeches from Harcour are water repellent and made from a bi-stretch material. With contrasting stitching, low socks for comfort, two false stylish back pockets with flat cord contrasting belt loops and embroidery on the right pocket, the Harcour Jalisca Ladies Breeches offer superb quality and fantastic comfort.

Harcour | +33 (0)785 509824 |


LeMieux Classic Riding Socks

Socks | Ladies | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Navy, Plum | Price: £9.95

A classic full length riding sock, the LeMieux Classic Riding Socks feature a padded heel and toe, crafted in a luxury tactile yarn and offering slimline design for the closest fit. Designed for maximum comfort with cutting edge design, the LeMieux Classic Riding Socks have proven moisture management and are machine washable up to 30 degrees.

LeMieux Competition Sock Navy

Socks | Unisex | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: Navy, Slate Grey | Price: £12.95

Supplied in twin packs, these new lightweight ultra-close contact riding socks from LeMieux, provide maximum comfort, cutting edge design and proven performance. The seamless low profile fabric offers compression that enhances the fit of long boots. The soft, closely woven foot gives support and stability, while the topside seam ensures comfortable toes in addition to the micro-weight stretch upper that ensure minimal impact on boot fit.

My LeMieux Bascule Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 6-16 | Colours: Pewter/Grey, White/Grey, Ice Blue/Dark Grey | Price: £79.96

Made from dynamic micro-nylon spandex fabric that stretches four ways, these mid rise breeches provide a comfortable and adaptable fit. With an elasticated waist band, the breeches are designed to support core muscles for a sleek profile. Featuring the signature LeMieux X-Grip knee patches – a multi-layered silicone design that provides security where it’s needed most – the patches are shaped to reduce bulk and any restriction to the angle at the knee.

My LeMieux Engage Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 6-16 | Colours: Grey/Plum, Midnight/Indigo, White/Grey | Price: £79.96

Crafted to compliment the rider’s style, the My LeMieux Engage Breeches support core muscles and maximise comfort in the saddle. The higher rise in the waist band gives more definition to the breeches top line, which in turn is noticeably more flattering to the rider. In addition, the slight elastication of the waist band allows for minor variations in hip and waist shapes. The signature LeMieux X-Grip full seat features multi-layered silicone to provide security.

My LeMieux Pace Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 6-16 | Colours: Indigo/Benetton, Beige, Burgundy/Navy | Price: £74.95

Designed to support core muscles for a slimmer, sleeker profile, the My LeMieux Pace Breeches feature LeMieux’s renown X-Grip Silicone. These mid rise breeches are made from dynamic micro-nylon spandex fabric that stretches four ways to provide a smooth and adaptable fit. The slight elastication of the active waistband allows for minor variations in hip and waist shapes. The signature LeMieux X-Grip knee patches feature a multi-layered silicone design that provides security in the saddle.

Horse Health Trade | +44 (0)2380 814360 |


Horze Grand Prix Women’s Silicone Grip Full Seat Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 8 – 24 | Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, White (plus seasonal colours) | Materials: 93% polyamide, 7% elastane | RRP: £79.99

Whether riding in a clinic, weekly lesson or a show jumping arena, these new and improved classic breeches will add a professional touch to your customer’s look. The Grand Prix style is a trusted choice of top female athletes and for equestrians of all disciplines. The cut is elegant, formal and timeless. The fabric is designed to remain dust and dirt-free all day and the breathable fabric adds comfort and support without bulk.

Horze Women’s Active Silicone Grip Full Seat Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 8 – 20 | Colours: Black, Dark Blue, White (plus seasonal colours) | Materials: 95% cotton, 5% elastane | RRP: £34.99

The jersey-feel fabric gives these schooling breeches soft comfort. The Horze Women’s Active Silicone Grip Full Seat Breeches are a nice choice for times when riders don’t want the formality of other high-end breeches. Available in a selection of subtle colours, as well as fresh seasonal colours twice a year, the soft fabric is warm and breathable and the simple zipper pocket in the front will hold a single horse treat.

Horze | +44 (0)7824 387643 |

John Whitaker International Limited

B125 – Eldwick Ladies Breech

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 26-34 | Colours: White, Grey, Burgundy, Navy, Black | Materials: 67% cotton, 25% nylon, 8% Lycra mix | RRP: £65

Perfect for a glamorous look, the Eldwick breeches come in a wide range of colours and feature a contrast metallic thread. The two rear pockets and front left pocket feature a floral embroidered pattern that has been adorned with crystals. These ladies breeches as available in subtle hues in a wide range of sizes and feature a full seat seam, 3D printed silicone knee patches as well as Lycra ankles.

B142 – Whitaker Miami Breeches with Full Silicone Seat

Breeches | Ladies, Men’s, Children’s | Sizes: 26-34 (Ladies), 28-36 (Men’s), 5-16 Years (Children’s) | Colours: Tropical Blue, Cream, White, Black (Ladies, Children’s), Navy, White, Black (Men’s) | Materials: 88% polyester, 12% spandex | RRP: £65 (Ladies), £70 (Men’s), £50 (Childen’s)

The Whitaker Miami breeches are crafted from a soft touch, high performance fabric, designed for both competitions and all-day wear. The opaque high performance four-way stretch fabric is quick drying and breathable, offering movement and comfort, whilst the shape enhancing style, is designed to flatter. The Whitaker Miami Breeches benefit from a specially contoured subtle matt silicone seat that aids security in the saddle, whilst displaying a smart and professional appearance.

John Whitaker International | +44 (0)1706 340500 |

Mark Todd Collection (Distributed by Westgate EFI)

Mark Todd Latigo Breeches

Breeches | Children’s, Men’s | Sizes: 24”-32” (Children’s), 28”-38” (Men’s) | Colours: Taupe, White, Navy | RRP: £71.99 (Children’s), £85.99 (Men’s)

Available in both men’s and boy’s sizes, the new Mark Todd Latigo Breeches are made from high quality performance fabric that is breathable, water resistant and wicking. Crafted from a four-way stretch material for maximum comfort, the breeches further benefit from features including a Euroseat design, ultra grip knee patches for added stability and security in the saddle, slimline sock ankle, smartphone compatible front pockets and back pocket with flap.

Mark Todd Vegas Riding Tights

Riding Tights | Ladies | Sizes: XS-XL | Colours: White, Navy | Materials: four-way warp knit technical fabric | RRP: £83.99

These new ladies riding tights from the Mark Todd Collection are perfect for competition as well as everyday riding. The smart Mark Todd Vegas Riding Tights feature a wide and low waistband for comfort and a flattering fit, while the four-way super stretch warp knit technical fabric allows all weather performance and great moisture wicking. To further improve security, a full silicone seat ensures a good grip in the saddle.

Westgate EFI | +44 (0)1772 754844 (Trilanco) |

Noble Outfitters

Noble Outfitters Balance Riding Tight

Riding Tights | Ladies | Sizes: XS – XL | Colours: Asphalt, Black, Elmwood, Brown, Fig, Plum, Pacific Blue, Navy | Materials: 76% Supplex nylon, 24% spandex jersey | RRP: £59.95

The optimum combination of equestrian performance and fit both in and out of the saddle, the Noble Outfitters Balance Riding Tight allows wearers to move seamlessly from the stable to the studio. This next level, innovative design and high-recovery stretch fabric gives the most flattering fit and the Opti-Dry Technology wicks moisture away. The Toray Ultrasuede knee patches provide additional grip, while the lightweight stretch hem reduces bulk inside the boot.

Noble Outfitters | +44 (0)1752 772476 |

Pikeur (Distributed by Shaws Equestrian)

Pikeur Gia Grip Athleisure riding leggings

Riding Leggings | Ladies | Sizes: 18”-32” waist (Long fittings also available) | Colours: Black, Nightblue, Steel Grey | Materials: 73% polyamide; 27% elasthane | RRP: £129.95

The Pikeur Ladies Gia Grip Athleisure riding leggings are sporty riding tights that feature a high waist made from super elastic and crafted from a sweat-absorbing functional fabric. The leggings have the rider’s comfort in mind – they are extremely versatile, with concealed zipper side pockets, a mobile-phone pocket on the thigh and Pikeur glitter print logo. With the silicon-patch grip full seat, the riding leggings are also available in a knee-grip variant.

Pikeur Socks

Socks | Children’s, Ladies, Men’s | Sizes: 35-37, 38-40, 41-43, 44-46 | Colours: Various | Materials: cotton-rich | RRP: £8.95 – £18.95 (£4.95 for Children’s)

Pikeur’s long, cotton-rich socks with padded feet are always a popular planned or impulse-buy. Hard-wearing and comfortable, everyone of Pikeur’s sock designs wash beautifully and they are sold in packs of three. With many different colours and styles on offer, such as Argyll pattern or plain, some designs also come complete with stud and diamanté embellishments.

Shaws Equestrian Ltd. | +44 (0)1335 370737 |



Over Trousers | Children’s, Unisex | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Colours: Black, Fluorescent Yellow, White, Reflective Grey | Materials: Nylon with PU coating | RRP: £24.95

Rainlegs protect the legs against rain, wind and the cold. The product has been manufactured from wind and waterproof material (rip stop polyester with a poly-urethane coating 5000). The innovative leg protectors are designed open on the back of the legs, so that no condensation can take place and clothes will stay dry. The manoeuvrability therefore is excellent – exhaustive tests to ascertain this have been carried out. For safety reasons, both sides have reflective strips.

Rainlegs | +31 (0)294 779423 |

Result Clothing

R001T Superior Stormdri Trousers

Over Trousers | Unisex | Sizes: S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL | Colours: Black, Navy | Materials: 100% nylon with PU backing | RRP: £14.86

No fuss, just function, these lightweight unisex Stormdri trousers will protect from wind and rain. With an adjustable draw cord in elasticised waist, side access and a back key pocket, the trousers benefit from twin needle stitching and fully taped seams. With comfort fit, the Superior Stormdri Trousers have elasticised ankles and a matching jacket is available to complete the look.

R097X Max Performance Trek/Training Trousers

Over Trousers | Unisex | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL  2X, 3XL | Colours: Black | Materials: HydraDri Polyester with PU coating outer | RRP: £50.50

Highly waterproof and breathable, these trek/training trousers are designed for people who value performance and functionality above all else. Windproof and cut for enhanced freedom of movement, the trousers have taped seams, zip pockets and access on side seam. With an elasticated waist and raised back panel, there is a zip opening to lower legs for putting over boots. The piping to the lower legs incorporates 3M Scotchlite reflective materials and there is an embroidered logo to lower left leg.

R226X Rain Trousers

Over Trousers | Unisex | Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL | Colours: Black, Navy | Materials: 100% polyester with PVC coating | RRP: £7.06

Waterproof (2000mm) and windproof, the R226X Rain Trousers from Result Clothing feature an elasticated waistband as well as waist vents to enable easy access to the inner pockets. With adjustable snap closing ankles for boot access, the trousers have fully taped seams and the trousers are also available in Juniors R226J at a recommended retailer price of £5.04.

Result Clothing | +44 (0)1206 790673 |


Breezy Boxer Jane

Underwear | Ladies | Sizes: W1, W2, W3 | Colours: Black, Iris, Ocean | Materials: 44% Dryarn, 44% polyamide, 12% Lycra | RRP: £35

Equestrian underwear specifically developed for the ladies in horse riding, the Breezy Boxer Jane incorporates both True Seamless and DriRide technologies. It is made of a very soft and elastic fabric that follows the contour of the seat perfectly. DriRide keeps the skin as dry as possible by quickly wicking moisture to the outside air, while the True Seamless technology ensures there are no seams where the body makes contact with the saddle, offering 100% seamless equestrian underwear.

Breezy Boxer Joe

Underwear | Men’s | Sizes: M1, M2 | Colours: Anthracite, Grey | Materials: 44% Dryarn, 44% polyamide, 12% Lycra | RRP: £35

Equestrian underwear developed uniquely for male horse riders, the Breezy Boxer Joe has True Seamless and DriRide technologies. Made of a very soft and elastic fabric that follows the contour of the seat perfectly. Seducci equestrian underwear is truly 100% seamless, which makes the underwear virtually invisible under breeches. In some occasions, a small edge may be visible but can be solved by cutting off the leg elastic – the DriRide fabric cannot fray.

Seducci | +31 767 370111 |


Clydesdales Ladies High Waist Breeches

Breeches | Ladies | Sizes: 24”-36” | Colours: Berry, Midnight Blue | RRP: £75.00

Available in a range of sizes and two rich colours, the Toggi Clydesdale is a smart breech that features a full seat in seasonal colours ready for Autumn Winter 2018. The stretch back panel features subtle signature embroidery at the waistband, which allows additional comfort and movement. The Clydesdales Ladies High Waist Breeches also include a stretch panel at the calf and ankle to provide a comfortable fit.

Toggi | +44 (0)1132 707000 |