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Dedicated to producing fine equestrian apparel for the environmentally conscious, Ollard Westcombe has revealed a new wave of premium products made from naturally tanned leather.

Founded over 160 years ago, Ollard Westcombe has a proud tradition of manufacturing exceptional equestrian products, leading to a rapidly increasing number of stockists throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia.

With designs focused on giving the horse freedom from pressure points experienced with more traditional designs, the stand out product from the new EcoRider range is the Freedom Comfort Bridle. Every element has been considered to offer maximum comfort for the horse. The Freedom headpiece is designed to alleviate pressure from the nerve sensitive poll area, further enhanced by the throat lash that relieves pressure under the jaw.

The bridle also takes pressure off the sensitive nerve endings on the cheeks and poll, achieved through use of a uniquely shaped noseband. Set off with a beautiful dipped browband, the design features a removable flash for complete versatility.

Natasha Halliday, Equine Osteopath is particularly impressed with the bridle: “On buying a Freedom Comfort bridle, I noticed my horse was softer in the neck and could flex behind the ears. She had much more swing over her back, better balance and better cadence – I have found this with two horses. I feel this bridle has enabled my horses to use their bodies correctly.’

Based on a similar design to offer the same elevated level of comfort around sensitive areas, the Freedom Grackle Bridle comes complete with soft sheepskin padding on the nose as well as a raised and padded browband. For riders requiring a more elegant design, the Freedom Double Bridle features rolled leatherwork and is designed to ensure there is a reduction of pressure in the sensitive areas such as cheekbone and neck.

Considering all aspects of leatherwork, Ollard Westcombe has also introduced the Freedom Leather Headcollar – anatomically designed with dipped cheeks for periods of long use, such as during long journeys or for turnout. Available in brown leather, the wide and soft headpiece softens any poll pressure and the design benefits from supple padding over the poll, cheeks and nose.

To relieve pressure at the shoulder, the Freedom Girth has been specially fashioned for saddles with short girth straps to give maximum comfort to even the most sensitive horse. Shaped to help prevent the saddle from moving, the Freedom Girth is available is sizes 46” – 58” and features elastic on both ends as well as stainless steel roller buckles.

The final piece of this innovative range of leatherwork is the Freedom Breastplate. Cut to allow unrestricted shoulder movement and free from any pressure points, the design completely replaces the cumbersome combination of martingale and hunting breastplate.

What stands this range apart from the competition is its outstanding leather quality and softness. The entire Freedom range of leatherwork from EcoRider is crafted from the finest quality vegetable tanned leather.

Containing no hazardous chemicals, this range of bridles and leatherwork is tanned over 30 days using natural barks such as oak, chestnut and hemlock. The result is a leather so soft, flexible and strong with less environmental impact than traditional-chrome-based processes – allowing your customers to make an ethical choice when purchasing new leatherwork.

Offering excellent support and a fully stocked showroom to view at your convenience, retailers interested in acquiring any elements of this environmentally conscious range are actively invited to become stockists.


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