BedKind bucks the trend


Premium animal bedding manufacturer BedKind has announced it is bucking the market trend for the predicted price increases and availability issues of bedding this year.

BedKind wants to alleviate fears for horse owners by announcing that its prices will not be increasing. The cardboard bedding company’s stock and supply is in sustainable abundance due to its unique position of having an in-house packaging manufacturing process, all based in Bedfordshire.

“We are not reliant on external suppliers or impacted by weather conditions, which makes it a safe and reliable option for horse owners all year-round,” commented Eleanor Corkett, Bedding Expert for BedKind.

“For those horse owners who use shavings and straw, it is a good idea for them to start reviewing their stable management and bedding supplies to ensure they find a reliable and suitable bedding option favourable to their horses.”

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