One tool doesn’t fit all


A bad workman always blames his tools– but that would be to assume that bad tools are confined to the unskilled and the not-so competent! Far from it: in every yard, professional or private, there are tools in use that aren’t really effective and consequently slow up the job in hand. As featured in the August issue of Let’s Talk Products, this selection of stable tools will help set you up for success.


Bronco Wheelbarrow

Sizes: 110L | Colours: Blue, Green, Lilac, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red | RRP: £45.00 + VAT | MADE IN BRITAIN

The Bronco Wheelbarrow is very popular for general usage and its lightweight yet solid construction makes it easy to use every day. The 110L pan means ample space to carry muck or even general garden wastage. It is available to purchase with a range of three different types of wheel (including puncture free, pneumatic and solid) to allow the Bronco Wheelbarrow to be used on a range of different terrains from grass to tarmac.


Sizes: 20L, 40L | Colours: Blue, Green, Lilac, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red | RRP: £4.99 + VAT | MADE IN BRITAIN

The hard wearing and durable Flexi Tubs are a very versatile product and are available in so many different colours. All these colours correspond with BULLBARROW PRODUCTS wheelbarrow colours, meaning users can have a complete matching sets – making the products great for gifts. Brilliant for a range of equestrian uses due to the flexible plastic construction or around the garden, for tasks such as gathering waste and clippings.

Gator Grabber

Sizes: One size | Colours: Green | RRP: £20.00 + VAT

This highly unique lightweight Garden Grabber with telescopic handles is the ultimate back-saving clean-up tool, that helps users lift almost anything without bending or straining their backs. The cleverly designed telescopic handles adjust to meet the needs of any user and task. To ensure this grabber will grip almost any material, the BULLBARROW PRODUCTS Gator Grabber is made from extremely durable and powerful poly-fibre with serrated ribs and close-fitting teeth.


Sizes: One Size | Colours: Silver | RRP: £10.00 + VAT | MADE IN BRITAIN

Strong and sturdy, the Manure Rake from BULLBARROW PRODUCTS is silver powder coated with a red plastic hand grip. Designed to speed up muck collection, the lightweight rake can be used on a number of surfaces thanks to its cleverly designed head that can rake as well as scrape. The plastic, non-slip handle grip makes the rake easy to handle and comfortable to hold over long periods.

Titan Black Plastic Wheelbarrow

Sizes: 200L | Colours: Black | RRP: £145.00 + VAT | MADE IN BRITAIN

Thanks to its size, the Titan Black Plastic Wheelbarrow can be used effectively for a whole range of tasks. The large 200L pan provides ample space to carry all kinds of loads – from feed bags and bedding to manure and tools. Reliable, balanced and built to last, it is available to purchase with one of three different types of wheel including puncture free, pneumatic and solid, so that the wheelbarrow is easy to use on a whole range of surfaces.

BULLBARROW PRODUCTS | +44 (0)1215 202345 |


4 prong Hi-strength Manure fork

Sizes: One size| Colours: Purple | RRP: £17.50 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Crafted with a one piece steel head, this fork is forged from the best quality metal, making it less likely to snap, shatter or bend. Made in the UK, the 4 prong Hi-strength Manure forkis perfectly balanced and the High tensile steel handle has been precision shaped to fit tang for extra strength. Up to 40% stronger than mild steel equivalents, this robust manure fork from Fynalite will make for a useful addition on any yard.

Funky Fork (FFS)

Sizes: One size| Colours: Purple | RRP: £25.00 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Fynalite’s best selling and most trusted stable fork, the Funky Fork features a purple groovy head with a silver handle. Constructed to a high specification, the fork is of superior quality and engineered to last. Suitable for use on several bedding types, the fork allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable. Strong, light and easy to use, the Funky Fork is perfectly balanced – making mucking out less back breaking.

Multi Weeda

Sizes: One size| Colours: Purple | RRP: £17.50 | MADE IN BRITAIN

The need for early action is vital because weed problems can very quickly get out of hand. The earlier the removal of these weeds is tackled, the easier it is to remove the whole weed before they seed or the root system becomes too established. Strong yet light in weight, the Multi Weeda has sharpened prongs that dig easily in the ground and reduces the need to use harmful chemicals.

Pellet Master

Sizes: One size| Colours: Purple | RRP: £25.50 | MADE IN BRITAIN

This innovative fork is designed for use on all pelleted types of beddings. The ingenious design traps debris but allows bedding to fall between tines, while the rounded tines pick up debris and wet bedding but will not damage rubber matting. Not only does the Pellet Master enable muck to be removed quickly, it also helps to reduce any wastage of bedding. Strong, light and easy to use Fynalite’s Pellet Master is designed and made in Great Britain.

Rubber Matting Fork

Sizes: One size| Colours: Purple | RRP: £25.50 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Designed to pick up the manure and wet bedding without damaging the rubber matting in the stable, the Fynalite Rubber Matting Fork is crafted with rounded tines. Strong, light and easy to use, the fork allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable. Perfectly balanced, the Rubber Matting Fork is completed by tough long lasting finish handles.

Fynalite | +44 (0)1789 764848 |

Likit Products

Likit Snak-a-Ball

Colours: Purple, Red | RRP: £25.99 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Designed to promote natural foraging behaviour, this robust feeding ball has a unique internal baffle plate which limits the amount of food deposited at any one time, thereby slowing consumption rates for a more natural trickle feeding pattern. The Snak-a-Ball can be used in the stable or paddock and is ideal for overweight equines and good doers on limited rations, those that bolt food or who would benefit from environmental enrichment to alleviate boredom and reduce stress.

Likit Tongue Twister

Colours: Purple/Lilac, Red | RRP: £25.99 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Designed to be fixed to the wall, the Tongue Twister has been developed to help alleviate stress and boredom in stabled horses, making it particularly useful during the winter months, when turnout time is limited, or for those on box rest. It may also be fixed to post and rail fencing in the paddock. While the Tongue Twister takes two Little Likits (sold separately), using just one can provide an extra challenge for super-smart horses.

Talisker Bay | +44 (0)1655 750523 |

Noble Outfitters

Wave Fork

Sizes: One Size | Colours: Black, Granite, Red, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Flamingo, Orange | RRP: £39.95

The Wave Fork features an adjustable grip on the handle for personalised comfort, as well as interchangeable tines to allow for replacement or customisation. Lightweight at only 2.4lbs, the Wave Fork is crafted from an aircraft grade aluminium handle built for durability with copolymer resin tines that bend but do not break as well as an intelligent rail set design for maximum durability. The outer tines form a basket for maximum load and the fork comes with a five year guarantee.

Noble Outfitters | +44 (0)1572 772489 |

Quick Pick (Equestrian) Ltd

QUICK PICK and Fynalite Quick Pick Rake

Sizes: One size | Colours: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Black | RRP: £39.99 and £24.99 (rake) | MADE IN BRITAIN

Designed to help your customers spend more time riding and less time pick up droppings, the Quick Pick can half the time it takes when compared to using a more traditional tool. Featuring sturdy foot plates that provide stability, the user has both hands free to rake, helping to reduce potential wrist stress injuries. With its flip and store design, the Quick Pick can carry more volume but is still easy to empty thanks to the easy empty rear handle.

Quick Pick Equestrian Ltd | +44 (0)7803 728754 |

Shires Equestrian

Collapsible Saddle Stand

Sizes: One size | Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink | RRP: £17.99

Strongly constructed from plastic coated steel, the Shires Equestrian Collapsible Saddle Stand features detachable legs, making it easy to transport and store, as well as quick to put together. At a height of 81cm, the saddle is easy to use and available in a variety of colours so customers can choose whichever best suits their style.

Hook Over Portable Manger

Sizes: One size | Colours:Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange| RRP: £13.99

Made from strong frost proof polythene, the Hook Over Portable Manger from Shires Equestrian is available in a range of bright colours. With sturdy metal hooks, the manger is simple to hook over the stable door or field gate. Easy to clean, the mangers are also easy to store as they can be stacked.

Shires Equestrian | +44 (0)1568 613600 |



Sizes: 54 x 54 x 30cm | Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White | RRP: £20 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Respected for 40 years, this full-size manger is crafted from STUBBS ENGLAND’s usual tough STUBBYTHENE and has very smooth lines, making it safe for use around horses and ponies. Mostly used in conjunction with tubular support frame S2PB or S200 Munch Station (available to purchase separately), this durable corner manger with 31 litres capacity, is supplied complete with anti-waste bars.

S44T Manure Basket Trolley and S44 Large Manure Basket

Sizes: S44T: 101 x 57 x 46cm, S44: 60 x 60 x 42cm | Colours: S44T: Blue Powder Coated, S44: White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Black | RRP: S44T: £77, S44: £35 | MADE IN BRITAIN

A great combination of tools, the lightweight trolley is specially designed to carry the S44 manure basket. Versatile, the trolley can also make light work of firewood or other garden chores utilising either the S44LH or S44. With a blue powder coated steel frame on large industrial 20cm wheels, the trolley is hardwearing and robust. The manure basket has a capacity of 130 litres and features reinforced eyes and stout rope handles.


Sizes: 110 x 72 x 40cm| Colours: Hot dip galvanised | RRP: £155 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Natural ground level feeding rather than at shoulder or head height and prevents the horse’s hay and bedding becoming mixed. Other benefits include reduced risk of dust and seeds in horse’s eyes and helps ensure correct dental wear. Bars are closely spaced (gaps 55mm) creating an effective slow feeder, which helps to reduce boredom. With hot dip galvanised heavy steel construction and a tilted rot proof base ensures all hay is accessible and easily refilled.


Sizes:  16 x 19 x 14cm | Colours: Red, White, Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Apple Green | RRP: £10 | MADE IN BRITAIN

The must-have tidy for outside any stable, the STABLE TIDY keeps all grooming equipment and other accessors safely off the ground, ensuring horses have a clear walkway and sweeping up has never been easier. Suitable for indoor and outdoor stables, the storage device has rounded corners and a thickened rim for rigidity – making the STABLE TIDY incredibly robust. The clever device also has a drain hole and steel washers for strong fixing.


Sizes: 130 litres | Colours: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple | RRP: £265 | MADE IN BRITAIN

This twin wheeled super barrow makes light of yard work and shows. Designed primarily for mucking out, it is also perfect for carrying a bale or sack. Easy to handle and well balanced, it wheels across fields easily for poo picking. Light enough for taking to events, the barrow was developed and tested in conjunction with professional show jumpers and livery yards. With a strong steel tubular frame, and 40cm pneumatic wheels, the barrow is hot dip galvanised for long durability.


Sizes: 21 x 17 x 8.5cm | Colours: Black STUBBYFINE coated | RRP: £15 |MADE IN BRITAIN

Designed to keep tools locked away and safe from being borrowed, the STUBBS ENGLAND TOOL LOCKER is ideal for livery yards. Users simply lean their tools against the wall within the hinged device and lock the door when they have finished – the strong lock is included. The screws are covered by the rest of the mechanism when closed and the TOOL LOCKER also features a name label and POS info.


Sizes: 62 x 59 x 59cm. Small End Diameter: 29cm | Colours: Carrot Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Apple Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple | RRP: £55 | MADE IN BRITAIN

This hay roller acts as a great boredom breaker/slow feeder and has the added benefit of stopping hay blowing around the field. The conical shape rolls in a circle so it does not go straight across a field and under a hedge or fence. It will take as much hay as a large haynet or hayrack an can have either horse or pony size eating holes. The filler is funnel shaped to make filling very easy. Dual purpose, it can also be used as a pole block.


Sizes: 58 x 65 x 2cm | Colours: Black STUBBYFINE coated | RRP: £25| MADE IN BRITAIN

This helpful numnah hanger has space to fit five numnahs or saddle pads. Easily hung on a rail – flat to a wall or on a hook – this makes a perfect option for tackroom storage as well as a shop display. Can be used in multiples or singly, the numnah hanger makes very compact presentation or storage. Balanced to create a slight onward slope to maintain tidy display or storage, it is crafted with strong steel construction.

STUBBS ENGLAND | +44 (0)1949 850218 |

Sverige Grepen (UK)

The Ergonomic Fork

Sizes: One size| Colours: Silver | RRP: £43.96

The Ergonomic Fork was designed by a physiotherapist alongside equestrians. With its lightweight, design and quality build, the Ergonomic Fork helps to prevent sore backs, shoulders and arms. These factors in turn also assist with the efficiency of use, meaning mucking out can be completed in a shorter time using less energy. As well as being ergonomic in design, the fork is very light and built with high quality materials, making it very strong and durable.

Sverige Grepen UK | +44 (0)7834 860905 |

Vale Brothers Ltd

Equerry Bulldog Broom

Sizes: One size | Colours: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink | RRP: £19.00 | MADE IN BRITAIN

Consumers can add a dash of colour to their yard with a British Bulldog broom from Equerry. This clever broom features two fibre strengths to help make light work of sweeping away all types of dirt and debris. The stiff fibres at the front will remove stubborn dirt whilst the softer fibres at the back will pick up lighter debris. The hollow centre in the middle of the broom head ensures the brush fibres don’t become ‘clogged’.

KBF99 Shaving fork

Sizes: 100cm and 125cm (handle sizes) | Colours: Grey | RRP: £36.00 | MADE IN BRITAIN

The unbreakable KBF99 Shavings Fork not only makes light work of mucking out but also helps to protect horses from harmful bacteria and fungus thanks to the unique additive. Tested at Coventry University, the KBF99 additive effectively killed 99% of the bacteria test culture (strangles, ringworm and e.coli). The durable prongs are strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult while retaining their shape and are wide enough to allow dry shavings to fall through allowing for maximum efficiency.

Vale Brothers Ltd | +44 (0)1922 642222 |

What More UK Limited

Wham Bam Upcycled 62ltr Heavy Duty Box and Lid

Sizes: 2.3ltr – 154ltr | Colours: Grey | RRP: £15.99 | MADE IN BRITAIN

What More UK has been working closely with recycling centres to find a solution to re-use and recycle household plastic waste. What More UK does not manufacture single use plastics and with the new Upcycled range, the company is actively helping to prevent single use plastic from entering our polluted oceans. These extra strong boxes are ideal for equestrian use and the rigours of everyday use in a mixed temperature environment.

What More UK Limited | +44 (0)1282 687030 |