Brand new balancing act: Dodson & Horrell


The Balancer Range, made up of six brand new feed balancers, is Dodson & Horrell’s latest product development as the company continues to innovate and revitalise its product range.   

Dodson & Horrell’s brand new product line offers customers a wide range of six different balancers to cater for every need.  “Keeping ahead of the market is a top priority for us,” says Catherine Rudenko, Head of Nutrition at Dodson & Horrell. “It’s important that we continue to innovate and offer our customers new ways of feeding their horses – and we believe that The Balancer Range does just that.”

Providing essential nutrients and high quality protein, balancers are concentrated pellets that fulfil the horse’s requirements in a low-calorie, flexible format. “Feeding a consistent amount of balancer allows you to increase or decrease the calories and fibre that you add, without having to alter the feed completely, depending on the horse’s condition and workload,” explains Catherine.

Available to order immediately, each of the six innovative balancers contains a unique combination of optimal vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as, depending on the balancer chosen, supplements for hoof health, coat condition, digestive function, and mobility.

Packaged in freshly designed 15kg bags, the Balancer Range includes an option for all kinds of equines. Adhering to Dodson & Horrell’s strict quality control policy, customers can be assured when feeding the balancers to their competition equines.

Easy Everyday

Containing optimum levels of vitamins and minerals for a horses and ponies in light work or rest, Easy Everyday includes pasture mix herbs for increased palatability.

Go Lite

A low calorie, low protein balancer, Go Lite contains antioxidants (QLC) and hoof support including Lami-herbs, nettle and seaweed to help support those at risk of laminitis.

Be Calm

For horses prone to excitability, the balancer is cereal grain free with increased levels of magnesium. Be Calm also contains actisaf yeast, antioxidants (QLC), hoof support and calming herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm and vervain.


With higher levels of vitamins and minerals to help support horses who are working hard, Performance also contains hindgut support, antioxidants (QLC), joint support, hoof support and mint and basil for palatability.

Senior Support

Containing increased levels of the vitamins and minerals required by veterans, antioxidants (QLC), hindgut support, hoof support and joint support; Senior Support includes MSM, glucosamine and turmeric.

Ulcer Sensitive

A cereal grain free balancer, Ulcer Sensitive has a complete digestive support package for horses who are prone to ulcers or have sensitive digestive systems. This balancer includes ulcer herbs including linseed, liquorice, comfrey and pumpkin seeds.

Confident that the new range will be very well received by horse owners across all disciplines and levels, Dodson & Horrell is actively inviting retailers to add the range to their current stock.

For further information, please visit or contact your area sales manager.

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