Don’t be a mug – Animalife supports its retail customers


Animalife, which supplies the renowned Vetro Collection, has introduced a new incentive so that retailers can reward their customers when they visit their local stores.

Retailers will be able to give every customer who spends £15 or more on Animalife’s Vetro Collection a free bright orange travel mug as soon as they make the purchase.

Animalife is also giving a further £100 product voucher to the person who wins its selfie competition for an image posted on social media of their mug, horse and Animalife purchase.

Managing director Ross Riley explained, “We provide progressive training for all our retail customers which we see as vital to the ongoing popularity of our products.

“It means the science behind our supplements can be passed on to customers so that they fully understand what they are feeding their horses, and the type of products they need.”

The Vetro Collection comprises Vetrofen, Vetroflex and Vetrocalm which is purchased in life stages – growing, healthy, senior and intense. Also in the range is Vetrogard which targets gastric comfort.

Ross added, “Our products are endorsed by leading riders, including Piggy French, Trevor Breen and Garth Hughes, and we are incredibly proud that they can make such a difference to horses and ponies, whatever stage they are at. We hope that this eye-catching offer might encourage horse owners to find out a little more about the Vetro collection by speaking with shop staff. After all, winter is approaching, and a travel mug always comes in handy!”

The offer ends on December 31 and the winner of the selfie competition will be announced on January 7.

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