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Global Herbs commits to reducing plastic


Following considerable and consistent end user demand for a reduction in plastic used for packaging, Global Herbs has acted by initiating a plan to change its packaging, starting with the removal of plastic bags and scoops.

The company ran a survey among customers to gauge the strength of feeling, which was overwhelmingly in favour of reducing the amount of plastic used.

Since its inception some 25 years ago, Global Herbs has worked towards a vision to escape the chemical world and provide a natural source of wellness for horses and dogs through traditional nutritional supplements, backed by modern science. Its range of herbal products have stood the test of time, and now the company is extending this ethos to its packaging.

The inner plastic bag that contained the product inside the green tub will be removed from all products manufactured after 5th November 2018, and from then the product will be placed directly in to the tub. This will apply to all powder products except for GlobalVite, Turmeric, Alphabute and MagCalm, which need the additional plastic wrapper due to the nature of their ingredients.

The plastic bag was used as an aid to convenience in the manufacturing process and customers can rest assured that this change will make no difference to the quality of Global Herbs’ products.

The standard scoop that was automatically provided in each green tub will also be removed from all products from mid-November. This will apply to all powder products with the exception of Alphabute, which will continue to be provided with a smaller than standard scoop. 98% of end users surveyed said they would prefer not to automatically receive a scoop with each product in the interests of reducing plastic use. Scoops will still be available free of charge at the point of purchase from retail stockists or online for any customers who need one.

Donna Rourke-Houguez, Sales and Marketing Manager for Global Herbs, explains, “We surveyed our customers ahead of making this change and an incredible 98% said they were in favour of us doing so! It is our aim to completely remove plastic packaging from our products and taking out the plastic bags and the scoops is just the first step.”

Global Herbs see this as a positive step forward for the brand. “We are working to source practical packaging alternatives for our products in the future”, added Donna.

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