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Weatherbeeta celebrates 25 years in the UK


2019 marks 25 years since the Weatherbeeta group became established in the UK in 1994.

1994 was a remarkable year seeing Nelson Mandela elected as the President of South Africa, saw the release of iconic films Forrest Gump, The Lion King and Pulp Fiction and the arrest of O.J. Simpson. Whilst not having the same historical impact on global culture, Weatherbeeta UK is proud of the contribution it has had to the British and Irish equine industries.

The industry and the business have seen an enormous number of changes in that time. Nevertheless, the Weatherbeeta team believes that much of what they do remains based on the values established at the time the company was formed:

  • Service: Weatherbeeta is striving to be the number one wholesaler to the equestrian trade and continues to develop industry leading support it provides for its retail customers backed up by the strength of a strong global business. This proposition is much more varied and sophisticated than it was back in 1994, but the essence remains the same.
  • Brands: Weatherbeeta will be celebrating two of its main brands’ 40th birthdays in 2020 and throughout its history in the UK, the company has remained focused on building world leading brands that deliver excellent quality, good design at fair prices. Weatherbeeta is proud to help support a number of partner brands throughout its 25 years. The commitment to growing its customers’ businesses with its brands is, if anything, even bigger today than it was back at Weatherbeeta’s founding.
  • People: Weatherbeeta aims to be the best place to work in the equestrian industry and is humbled by the loyalty so many in its team have shown. The contribution its people have made to the company’s success over the past 25 years is truly remarkable. Weatherbeeta is proud of having so many people, nine in fact, who have been with the company for more than 15 years and three more than 20. Weatherbeeta remains a family owned private business, with values that are rarely found in the modern business world.

Doug Walker comments, “The gloom and uncertainty surrounding our industry are not sentiments the people at Weatherbeeta share. They are looking forward to the next 25 years with enormous confidence. We are encouraged by the successes of recent years and excited by the fast pace of new products, the stunning new campaigns on Dublin and other brands in our portfolio and excited by the challenges of technological change. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our trade partners who have joined us in this remarkable journey. We thank you for you for your business of course but your friendship as well.”

Weatherbeeta looks forward to having the opportunity to share plans for special products, promotions and other initiatives to make Weatherbeeta’s 25th birthday a profitable and truly memorable one for its retail partners.

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