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SPILLERS supports seniors at Redwings


SPILLERS has donated £3,038 to Redwings Horse Sanctuary to help the charity feed its senior horses and ponies over the winter. The manufacturer made the generous gift by contributing 30p for every promotional bag of its new SPILLERS Senior Complete Care Mix, SPILLERS Senior Super-Mash and SPILLERS Supple + Senior Balancer sold during the launch period of the new products at the end of last year.

Nicola Jarvis, Head Vet at Redwings Horse Sanctuary said, “This lovely donation is the whopping equivalent of 250 bags of SPILLERS Senior Super-Mash. Redwings has more than 500 oldies in residence at the moment, many of which are facing challenges such as failing dentition, PPID, laminitis or loss of condition and muscle. These extra funds will help us to give them the complete care they need this winter. Thank you SPILLERS!”

SPILLERS Senior Complete Care Mix and SPILLERS Senior Super-Mash are the new flagships for the versatile SPILLERS range of senior feeds which also include SPILLERS Senior Conditioning Mix and SPILLERS Supple + Senior Balancer. They have all been veterinary approved to give horse owners extra peace of mind. SPILLERS has also introduced a new ‘Senior Friendly’ logo to help horse owners easily identify other senior suitable products within the SPILLERS portfolio.

Clare Barfoot added, “Here at SPILLERS we are all great admirers of the wonderful work that Redwings Horse Sanctuary does, not least in waving the flag for the nation’s older horses and ponies. We are proud to be able to help them in this way and hope it will help to keep even more oldies healthy and active in their twilight years.”

Featured image: Nicola Jarvis, Toby, Talita Arantes, Redwings Hapton Farm Manager, Clare Barfoot and SPILLERS Brand Assistant Bella Fricker with the big cheque from SPILLERS.

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