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PR From The Saddle: 5 steps to DIY marketing and PR success to help elevate sales and boost brand awareness


Tara Punter – of Tara Punter PR – is back with her expert advice, giving you five steps for setting up a DIY marketing campaign.

If you’ve read my past blogs for Equestrian Business, then you’ll know all about the benefits that a successful PR or social media marketing campaign can deliver your business. Perhaps you’re feeling inspired to have a go yourself, in which case this blog with my top 5 tips to DIY campaign success should help guide you through the process and help you get some of the PR and social media magic for yourself.

Step one: get those ducks in a row

Whether you’re aiming for a PR campaign that helps you sell out of your leading product or some brilliantly executed social media that will open up your business to a wider audience, you’ll need to have a few things sorted before you start. For example, images – well-shot, high res images are essential for a PR campaign to reap rewards, so get those sorted before you start liaising with the press. For social media, never underestimate how many good images, memes and videos you will need if you are posting on multiple channels and want to maximise engagement.

Step two: identify your perfect customer

This is critical for any PR or marketing campaign because it will steer where you send your press release or which social media networks you decide to post on. Have a think about your ideal customers and then research where they get their information from – that will help you to target your energy and ensure that PR coverage or social media messages are reaching the right people.

Step three: read, read and then read some more

If you’re hoping to place coverage in a particular publication, make sure you read it. You’ll get an idea of the journalists and what they write about and you’ll need to tweak your message and the amount of technical or industry detail you go into depending on the publication – think Horse and Hound versus the Daily Telegraph versus your local newspaper! And the same goes for social media.

Step four: those all-important goals

It’s something I talk about with clients all the time, but it is worth doing – set goals to help motivate you and so that you can measure success. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for how can you know if what you’ve been doing has worked?

Step five: don’t be afraid to ask for help

You might be planning to do your own campaigns because you aren’t in a place to pay for an external consultant and agency to help you, but it’s worth exploring other ways that you can get some help. Ask friends and family to see if they have a personal contact that might be able to help you with photography, teach you how to create memes or proofread press releases for you.

If you still feel a little nervous about approaching press on your own or you haven’t seen quite the results you wanted to from your efforts, there is something you can do which still doesn’t involve retaining the services of a PR consultant or marketing agency. My coaching packages are growing in popularity because they give people the skills and knowledge to do their own PR or social media marketing for as long as they like, with top ups whenever they need them! Take a look at my coaching pages here:



Tara Punter PR is an equestrian and rural PR, journalism and social media company based in the Cotswolds. Tara has been helping businesses with their social media for five years – a business transformed into an internationally-loved brand that’s become synonymous with the success of small, medium and large businesses in the rural sectors. Tara is a horse lover herself, having been riding and largely involved with the equine industry for nearly 30 years. She helps business owners grow businesses through PR, social media, blogging and journalism and offers affordable and high value packages to her client base across the UK and beyond. | [email protected] | +44 (0)7812 830921

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