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PR From The Saddle: Don’t put your marketing eggs in one basket!


Tara Punter – of Tara Punter PR – returns with her marketing expertise, helping you keep ahead of constantly changing algorithms.

There are so many successful small rural businesses that are run solely on one social network and that works brilliantly for them. Their social media presence brings in new business, keeps existing customers informed and allows them direct communication with their audience. The success they see means it’s very easy to justify focusing the vast majority of their marketing energy on that one platform. The problem with that approach is that it assumes that firstly, your target market will remain on that social network for the foreseeable future and secondly, algorithm and platform changes won’t impact your reach.

Even the most experienced digital marketers can struggle to predict what the next Facebook algorithm change is going to be or what impact paid promotion might have on your organic reach. By only being visible in one place you are putting your brand at risk as you might not see the change until it’s a bit too late. It’s a brilliant idea to have other channels bubbling away as a contingency plan, so that if that network no longer provides the leads you need it to, you have other options at your disposal. Here are my top 3 places to start:

  1. The first and best place to start is to have a website. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but a central digital platform with clear and easy to understand information about your business, how what you sell helps people and your contact details. You can choose to build a simple website using a template or engage the services of a website development company to help you navigate the common issues you will encounter along the way.
  2. Make the time to start blogging. There is lots of helpful information out there that will give your ideas that will kick off your blogging career. Make a start by blogging about some of the current issues your business sector or where people might be able to meet you over the coming months – if your business goes out on the road! Blogging with keyword rich copy will help you rank higher on Google’s search engine results page (also referred to as SERP).
  3. Research other social networks to see which one or ones will be worth investing some time and energy promoting your business on. Remember to post content that’s helpful and engaging, not repeating just the same features and benefits of what your business over and over. You never know, spending a little time working up an engaged Instagram following might just open up some new markets you didn’t know about and bring in more customers now.

Don’t forget some of those good ‘old fashioned’ marketing tools that can reap great rewards too. Remember how exciting it used to be to get an email when we were all first online? These days a really beautiful and well-targeted direct mail can have exactly the same effect, cutting through the digital noise and making people sit up and pay attention! Face-to-face networking is a brilliant model for some sectors, as is being a guest speaker or advisor in business groups. The only limit to the possibilities with marketing are time and your imagination!

If you would like any marketing or PR advice, or an assessment of what is and isn’t working in your approach to promoting your business at the moment, then why not book a call for a no-obligation chat?



Tara Punter PR is an equestrian and rural PR, journalism and social media company based in the Cotswolds. Tara has been helping businesses with their social media for five years – a business transformed into an internationally-loved brand that’s become synonymous with the success of small, medium and large businesses in the rural sectors. Tara is a horse lover herself, having been riding and largely involved with the equine industry for nearly 30 years. She helps business owners grow businesses through PR, social media, blogging and journalism and offers affordable and high value packages to her client base across the UK and beyond. | [email protected] | +44 (0)7812 830921

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