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Science Supplements stops competitor copying name


Earlier this year two company directors from NAF (Greencoat Limited) attempted to register a company with the name “Science Supplements”.

Yesterday, Science Supplements released a statement which read: “We instructed our legal team to correspond accordingly in robust terms citing, amongst other complaints, trademark infringement and passing off.

“We believe the attempt to register our name (which is a registered trademark) leads to a clear likelihood that consumers would believe the businesses to be the same or connected and deceive the public and trade into thinking a connection exists between NAF and Science Supplements when indeed there is none.

“The inference we have taken from this action is that our continued success and growth is causing concern for our competitors. We will not tolerate such practice and will exercise the full extent of the law to ensure our customers are not misled and our competitors do not use our name and reputation to seek association or commercial advantage.”

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