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Trickle Net wins top prize in grand finale


Trickle Net has won a £10k prize after pitching to judges at the Grand Finale of Lincolnshire’s first ever 10×10 Business Accelerator Programme. The programme, run by Greenborough Management saw 10 small businesses attend 10 intensive training sessions, before each pitching for the big prize.

Trickle Net is a small company based near Lincoln, designing and manufacturing a range of slow feeding nets for horses and ponies. The brand is becoming known for unique effective, high quality products which are all handmade. Often recommended by vets for weight control, laminitis management or to aid gut function, the customer feedback and reviews are outstanding.

Ellen Chapman, Director of Trickle Net said, “This whole experience has been incredible. The training was intensive and really got you focussed on your business goals. The other businesses were all amazing unique growing SME’s and their pitches were so smooth and professional. I guess my pitch was more passionate. I tried to convey to the judges that we have a huge problem in equine welfare today with 50% of horses being overweight and at risk of laminitis. Trickle Nets can really help to solve this problem, and the prize money would go into an educational campaign with vets endorsing our products.” Ellen continued, “When they announced the winner was Trickle Net, I didn’t quite believe them! I was waiting for that Oscar’s moment when they correct their mistake.”

Russell Copley of Greenborough Management added, “This was Lincolnshire’s pilot 10×10 programme and it’s been hugely successful. All the businesses have had excellent training and mentoring throughout the programme, and we can see each one is reaping benefits already. Well done to Ellen, it was a well deserved win!”

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