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Iconic trailer maker teams up with Lamborghini for Middle East launch


Iconic trailer firm Ifor Williams Trailers is celebrating the stylish launch of its new horsebox range in the Middle East – with the help of luxury sports car brand Lamborghini. The firm unveiled its sleek new HBX506 model in the United Arab Emirates amid the glitz and glamour of the 15th Dubai International Horse Fair – the region’s most prestigious equine fair and Arabian horse auction. The trade event drew thousands of breeders and equestrians from all over the Gulf as well as Middle Eastern royalty and was the first time the horsebox has been exhibited in public in the UAE.

To mark the launch, Horse & Carriage Equestrian Equipment LLC – one of the leading distributors of Ifor Williams trailers in the Middle East – took part in a special collaboration with event sponsor Lamborghini to demonstrate the vehicle’s versatility alongside Lamborghini’s new SSUV model, the URUS. In addition to a live presentation of the HBX506 being towed by the URUS in the show’s main arena, a new promotional film and photo gallery have also been produced which is currently being publicised across Lamborghini’s social media channels.

George Watts, managing partner of Dubai-based Horse & Carriage Equestrian Equipment LLC, the firm his father John founded more than 25 years ago, said, “It was completely new territory for the both of us as Lamborghini hasn’t previously been associated with the equestrian world – just as we haven’t had much association with a luxury sports car brand! It was the first time the HBX had been unveiled in the Middle East and so we wanted to do something special. Lamborghini was a sponsor of the event and we discussed how we could deliver a presentation alongside the new URUS. This was an ultra-high networking event with a number of Middle Eastern royals present. Lamborghini is a prestigious brand and for us all the links were there. It was perfect for the audience, pitching it at the luxury end of the market for quality, finish and performance.”

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