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FirstVet comes to the UK


Launching in the UK, following creation and widespread adoption in Sweden, FirstVet (firstvet.com/uk) is an animal clinic for the digital generation: providing pet-owners with video consultations (via smartphone, tablet, or computer) with local, qualified veterinarians, on-demand. Following its Scandinavian launch in 2016, FirstVet will provide British pet owners with fast and affordable access to consultations and introduce a new way of working for UK veterinarians.

FirstVet is a trailblazer in bringing the benefits of digital platforms to the veterinary sector. The use of electronic communication and information technologies to provide veterinary clinical care remotely means FirstVet’s 10-15 minute consultations offer an easily accessible first port of call.

David Prien, founder and CEO of FirstVet commented, “Telemedicine has proven increasingly integral to human healthcare, and our animal friends should benefit too. Through FirstVet we establish a natural first point of contact before assessing whether comprehensive physical treatment at a vet is needed.”

Consultations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, costing between £20 within normal working hours and £30 for weekends and evenings, rates which are 60-70% cheaper than a physical veterinary consultation.

For veterinarians, FirstVet presents a new, flexible, and well-compensated way of working. Meeting pets and their owners via video call offers many advantages to a veterinarian including the ability to initially assess the pet in its home environment, whilst choosing flexible shifts that fit around their own personal schedules.

Veterinarians who join are required to have 3 years of post-qualifying clinical experience from a UK-qualified and RCVS-registered vet. Once they are part of FirstVet, veterinarians can expect to start making £25-£30 per consultation, with no minimum number of shifts required. Prospective veterinarians should contact [email protected]

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