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Paws for thought


Swedencare UK Ltd, the distributor of the oral hygiene supplement ProDen PlaqueOff, has donated products to its local RSPCA shelter.

As part of its charity outreach programme, ProDen PlaqueOff has donated 150 bags of ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites to the shelter. The RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield and district branch is run entirely on donations, so every bit counts. The shelter is the closest to the Swedencare Offices which are also based in Leeds.

Jessica Hargreaves, Swedencare UK’s Marketing Coordinator said, “We may be part of a global company, but is important to still help those who are local to us and are in need”. She also went on to say, “Many of the Swedencare UK staff have adopted rescue dogs and it is apparent that many rescue dogs do suffer with their oral hygiene due to neglect. If left untreated many dogs who do suffer with oral hygiene problems can become worse and lead to infections in other parts of the body which can be fatal.”

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