Bieman de Haas acquires WHIS



Dutch company Bieman de Haas has further expanded its equestrian brand portfolio with the acquisition of WHIS – Wireless Horse Instruction Systems. The integration of WHIS was extremely successful. The acquisition is a logical step in the strategy to strengthen Bieman de Haas’s position in the equestrian world.

The decision combines forces and means new opportunities for growth. “The acquisition of WHIS is completely in line with our global growth ambitions. Joining forces means that we are able to serve equestrian sport retailers even better, and expand our market share,” says Theo den Bieman, director/owner of Bieman de Haas. “The acquisition also means new opportunities for growth, for example collaboration with top international equestrians, and a technical product in our range.”

The Bieman de Haas brand portfolio consists of its own equestrian sport brands BR Equestrian Equipment, ANKY Technical Casuals, Premiere, and now also WHIS wireless horse instruction systems, along with various equestrian private labels. Bieman de Haas is the market leader in the Benelux and is one the world’s five biggest equestrian distributors. With more than 65 employees, they operate in more than 40 countries worldwide.

WHIS is the market leader in equestrian instruction systems that enable trainers to give remote coaching to riders. Riders around the world use WHIS products to their complete satisfaction. Wireless Horse Instruction Systems was founded in 2013 by Judith Hendriks. WHIS is an established name in equestrian sport worldwide, and is used in more than 40 countries. The instruction system is used on a limited scale outside the equestrian sector, but is suitable for use in other sectors where teams work together.

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