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Derby House – World’s first PFC free Turnout Rug?


Derby House, part of Internet Fusion Group, has launched a new product in line with the company’s focus on sustainability as a key business objective. The Derby House Evolution Medium Combo Turnout Rug is 100% PFC free, and could be the first of its kind in the world.

Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion said, “The world around us is changing and never before have we been so aware of our affects. As outdoor lovers, we are acutely more conscious of these changes, effectively because we are on the frontline. This revolutionary product shows that there is another way to the old damaging business models, and it’s critical for us to progress and adopt these new models. It can and should be done!”

Jenny Parker, Group Head of Marketing at Internet Fusion said, “This is truly a revolutionary product that we believe sets a new standard and brings focus to an area of the equestrian market that we feel can make a big difference. Historically, the equestrian arena has been slow to adopt innovative solutions, now is the time to change that and take the lead in the development of more sustainable products.”

PFCs are harmful chemicals that are used on fabrics as a technique to improve waterproofing. These chemicals can escape into the environment during production and pollute the planet. They can also be left as residue on the fabrics themselves and once leaked, will stay on the planet for years. The new Evolution rug from Derby House is certified 100% free of any PFCs.

 The equestrian consumer is one that appreciates nature, and part of the reason that Derby House see’s sustainability as a vital part of its business model. Having already moved its warehouse to a highly eco-friendly site in 2018, and using automated packing machines to achieve 99.1% plastic free outbound packaging so far this year, it was the natural progression for Derby House to apply the same ethos to their own brand products. The company has also banished the plastic windows from its rug bags and eliminated the polybags from their legwear collection.

Now in its third year of the headline environmental strategy, the Internet Fusion Group has eliminated the equivalent of 1.8 million plastic bottles – which accounts for 74% of its plastic packaging – and reverted to biodegradable and recyclable natural materials. These actions have led to the company becoming a case study for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and has been ranked as one of the top 14 companies tackling ocean waste.


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