Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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From the waist down

Everyday essentials or special items saved for competition only, much of the rider’s wardrobe is made up of what goes on their legs. As featured...

Under the saddle: saddle pads, girths and leathers

As we’ve discussed time and time again, a correctly fitted saddle is fundamental for performance and comfort. Yet when paired with the wrong saddle...

Matching wardrobe to weather

Summer is just around the corner. Everything has ‘greened up’, plants are flowering, horses have lost their winter coats, the competition season is in...

Coat care and first aid

If your customer wants that ‘show ring shine’ all day, every day, start by reminding them it’s not going to happen overnight. Even horses...

Focused on fit

Safety first is a mantra that every equestrian should do all they can to adhere to. Campaigns such as the Mark Davies Injured Riders...

Back to basics with boots

Seasoned owners and riders know that horse boots aren’t a luxury item – nor are they designed for fashion (although many are stylish and...

Success with short boots

Short boots - jodhpur boots - used to be exclusive to the wardrobe of Pony Club members.  The children wore them (highly polished ready...

Time to pull up your boots

Are yours sat in a dingy corner of the store? Are they boxed up and difficult to browse? Do you have ground level mirrors?...

Winter wear: up to the job?

During the winter months having the right kind of jacket is a top priority for virtually everyone associated with horses – owners, trainers, instructors,...

Pippin’s Pick: Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet Therapy Rug

Following on from the popularity of Pippin's Pick last month, Pippin has again put his nose to good use to seek out his favourite...

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HOYS steps up to help equestrian charity in need

On hearing the tragic news of the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund's major loss due to the theft of their van and stock destined...

The search is on to crown Nutritional Helpline of the Year

BETA is searching for the winner of the Nutritional Helpline of the Year award, which is being sponsored by STUBBS ENGLAND for the first...