Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Raising wormer awareness with social media

Zoetis Ltd has introduced ‘Time it Right’ #timeitright - a quick and easy practical guide on using social media to promote spring and summer...

BedKind bucks the trend

Premium animal bedding manufacturer BedKind has announced it is bucking the market trend for the predicted price increases and availability issues of bedding this...

Bransby Horses secures future work with land purchase

The Lincolnshire-based equine rescue and welfare charity, Bransby Horses, has agreed to acquire 800 acres of land to secure the future for thousands of...

Diagnostic test for deadly equine virus now available

A diagnostic test, able to identify a deadly virus believed to be present in up to 10 percent of horses, is now available for...

BHS launches innovative VR film

Since the launch of The British Horse Society’s (BHS) Dead Slow campaign two years ago, the BHS has been working with many organisations to...

Horse owners worried about correct nutrition

New research from Feedmark shows that owners don’t think or are unsure that their horse is receiving the correct nutrition in year-round feed and...

Forewarned is forearmed

In a bold move, BEDMAX has proactively issued a statement alerting the UK equestrian industry to significant price increases expected within the bedding industry....

Animal Health Trust Vet champions ridden horse welfare with video series

One of the UK’s most eminent equine orthopaedic specialists, Dr Sue Dyson, is playing a leading role in a series of new educational videos...

New diploma graduates make history

The equine sector accounts for around £8 billion of the UK’s GDP and there are over one hundred organisations actively involved in protecting and promoting...

Horse owners still struggling with worm control

Zoetis Inc. announced that results from the latest National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) show that some horse owners are still not up to speed...

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HOYS steps up to help equestrian charity in need

On hearing the tragic news of the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund's major loss due to the theft of their van and stock destined...

The search is on to crown Nutritional Helpline of the Year

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