Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Stanbridge Stable Mat

The Stanbridge stable mat is made from solid quality rubber with a moulded bubble top surface. This bestselling and popular stable mat has a...


MADE IN BRITAIN Dodson & Horrell has recently updated its Stud range in response to the latest research. Suregrow now has elevated key vitamins and...

Smart Zero Lite

New Smart Zero Lite from Castle Horse Feeds is a tasty, fibre focused feed with an advanced formulation. Developed by equine nutritionists to contain...

Veteran Light

MADE IN BRITAIN Part of Allen & Page’s Barley & Molasses Free Range, Veteran Light has been specifically formulated for older equines that are good...


This complete turmeric pellet contains ingredients to support healthy joints. TurmerAid helps the integrity of the horse or pony’s natural defence and structural mechanisms....

TOTAL Horse Feed

MADE IN BRITAIN   TOTAL Horse Feed is a pioneering equine nutrition concept and was the first cereal free, complete feed to be launched in the...

Pet Remedy

MADE IN BRITAIN Pet Remedy is a natural and clinically proven de-stress and calming remedy for all mammals and birds that helps instantly by working...

NAF Five Star Magic

MADE IN BRITAIN An equine low in magnesium may appear tight in his way of going and express excitability or a lack of confidence. Magnesium...

NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

MADE IN BRITAIN Respirator Boost supports clear healthy breathing, maintaining the condition of the respiratory mucosal immune system and the capillary blood vessels that surround...

Mother Bee Soothe & Protect

MADE IN BRITAIN Soothe & Protect is the flagship product of Mother Bee. 100% natural, its origin has over 100 years steeped in family history,...

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