Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Collegiate Warwick Close Contact Saddle

Durable, low maintenance and lightweight, this synthetic saddle is ideal for competition riding, training or pleasure riding. Featuring shaped forward cut knee pads for...

Fast Fibre

MADE IN BRITAIN Fast Fibre is a high fibre feed, with a combined sugar and starch level of only 7.5%, making it suitable for horses...

Somèh storage bags

The Grooming Bag is made in a dirt and water repellent material with strong rubber feet. The ergonomically shaped shoulder strap keeps hands free...


ForBio is a powerful, safe, broad-spectrum new disinfectant in a convenient soluble tablet form. It provides long-lasting biosecurity for horses and ponies, and it's...

R155X Waterproof 2000 Ripstop Jacket

The R155X Waterproof 2000 Ripstop Jacket is perfect for keeping the rain out and will pack down neatly into any kit bag or rucksack. Waterproof (2000mm)...

Boett Blanket and Hood

The Boett Blanket is designed to form a close-fitting barrier to protect from biting insects that cause sweet itch. It is also used as...

Apollo Air Cooler

Its amazing wicking properties are predicted to make the Apollo Air Cooler a market leader. Used and trusted by a number of riders, the...

CleanRound Equine Shampoo and Body Wash

MADE IN BRITAIN CleanRound is a preventative product range offering total ‘nose to tail’ infection control. The new Equine Shampoo and Body Wash offers great...

Cameo Thermo Cooler

New to the Cameo range, the Thermo Cooler is made with three-layer technology to wick sweat away from the body while keeping the horse...

O-Mega Shine

MADE IN BRITAIN   O-Mega Shine is an omega rich supplement for horses. Boasting 87% omega oils, it contains omega 3, 6 and 9. A pure...

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